Plop Star Net Worth 2022: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

plop star net worth 2022

Portable stink-blocking pill Plop Star has been hailed as the most discreet deodorizer in the world. Essential oils perfumed with citrus form an odor-blocking barrier in the Plop Star capsules. Only one Plop Star tablet needs to be dropped onto the plate, and that’s it.

As a buffer between essential oils, Plop Star not only masks the stench but also adds a citrus smell to the mix. Plop Star is a portable bowl rocker that may be used anywhere and at any time. Plop Star was created to make public restrooms more bearable for people who are scared of them. Cleaning up with a Plop Star is a breeze. To make things easier for you, each of the 30 tablets has a diameter of about two inches.

Amount of Money Plop Star Has

Plop Star had a net worth of $1,5 million at the time of its entry on the Shark Tank. Plop Star was the only Shark Tank contestant left without a deal. It was felt by investors that Tyler Jay did not test the market because he was described as careful, courteous, and quiet. Rohan Oza, a guest investor, was willing to make a deal. In spite of this, he was dealing with the impression that he didn’t have a strategy. In addition, he left Plop Star without a contract in hand.

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Plop Star’s Pitch to Shark Tank

Plop Star’s sales have increased since they appeared on a Shark Tank episode, despite the fact that the public’s response has been divided. After the episode, Plop Star was out of stock on their website for a short period of time.

Plop Star’s first appearance on Shark Tank didn’t go well, with low sales resulting in a lack of investment in the company. In spite of the unfavorable evaluations and lack of funds, the company has continued to grow its internet presence.

Plop Star was the only Shark Tank contestant left without a deal. Even though he left Shark Tank with little money, Tyler Jay remarked that it was always his goal to be featured on ABC’s show.

Is the Plop Star Tablet a Smart Investment?

Plop Star has customers that appreciate the scented toilet tablets, despite popular perception. According to poop-smell science, Plop Star tablets are only effective at eliminating odors caused by solids. Only a small percentage of scents can be eliminated by them. Only $12,000 worth of merchandise has been sold by Plop Star in the days leading up to the show.

In the Wake of Shark Tank, how Did Plop Star Fare?

Each Plop Star tablet is packaged in a clear plastic bag. It has a diameter of around two inches. There are three different ways to purchase Plop Star tablets. A pack of 30 costs around $12.99, and the first one is the most expensive. The Plop Star 30-pack tub, which costs roughly $14.99, is the second box. An additional pack of six, costs $4.99. and the Plop Star website both sell Plop Star tablet packets.

Unfortunately, Shark Tank investors didn’t take kindly to it. Due to the lack of sales, Tyler Jay’s initial $150,000 investment request for a 10% ownership in the company failed to attract investors. According to the data, Plop Star had only sold $12,000 worth of merchandise in the months leading up to the concert.

Plop Star noticed an increase in sales after the Shark Tank show. Although the product is still available on, Plop Star’s official website has all of its stock sold out. Jay’s strategy is to focus on B2B as well as retail.

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Plop Star’s Co-Founders

A year has passed since Tyler Jay established Plop Star. He graduated from Arizona University with a degree in Media Arts. Tyler Jay spent a few years working in an advertising agency. Tandem Inc., a creative production studio, was formed by Jay in 2014. When it came to public restrooms and the bathroom outside his house, Tyler Jay was much like everyone else in that he didn’t want to leave a bad scent behind. That’s why Tayler Jay went out of his way to find a product that met his needs before deciding to build his own.

Plop Star was unveiled in 2018 – three years after it was first announced. As a starting point, Tyler jay intended to create a liquid deodorant spray. Jay has a research and development staff. A year’s worth of beta testing didn’t yield the results they liked. When Tyler Jay was looking for ideas, he turned to bath bombs

Tyler Jay and his colleagues had the bright idea of creating a tablet-based portable restroom deodorizer. There was a product that could be released to the market after a year’s worth of study, testing, formulating, and tweaking 37 times.

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