PlayStation 5 becomes the best-selling console in the US history

PlayStation 5 becomes the best-selling console in the US history
PlayStation 5 becomes the best-selling console in the US history

Sony had recently just launched the PlayStation 5 in 2020. This next generation gaming console was first introduced in the United States market and then in Japan. It has just been five months to the launch of the  PlayStation 5 since it came out in November. The gaming console was also available worldwide in the month of November itself.

NPD analysis and comments on the PS5.

Numerous gaming consoles have been sold in the United States. Regardless of this, the PS5 has acquired the title of the fastest-selling console ever in the nation’s history. The NPD group concluded their analysis by outlining that the PlayStation 5 has topped the charts when it comes to units sold and the sales made in dollars.

Mat Piscatella, NPD Executive Director, had further mentioned that the Nintendo Switch is now the most sold hardware platform during the first quarter of 2021. On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 secured the first rank when it comes to the value of sales it has made as mentioned earlier.

The overall sales of the gaming hardware last month are reported to be 47% higher. This comparison is drawn between its sales during the same period in 2020. Current sales have bagged $680 million; setting its first ever record in a unique manner.

A total of $1.4 billion is reported to have been spent this year. This is 81% more than what it was during the same time last year.

Sales predictions for the year 2022

When it comes to PS5, the company feels confident that they can complete a target of selling 12.8 million units. Sony further believes that they’ll be able to exceed the sales they had made for PS4 during its second year of release.

The company situated in Japan kept forward a new update recently this week regarding the PS5. This update not only extends the console’s storage, but it also includes a  One-Touch Play feature. This feature switches on your TV when you switch on your console. Gamers will now be able to view the percentage of their console’s battery as well when they’ve kept it for charge.