Platinum End Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Based on the popular manga of the same name, Platinum End is an ongoing anime series currently in its first season. It is created by the same creators of Death Note and follows the story of Mirai and his retribution.

Mirai lost his parents at an early age and had to live with his abusive foster parents. One day he decided to kill himself but his guardian angel saves him. She bestows him with a supernatural power in exchange for him to become one of the candidates of God. Let’s talk about Platinum End episode 2 spoilers, release date, and time.

Platinum End Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Platinum End Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Platinum End Episode 1 Recap

In Platinum End episode 1 recap, Mirai goes to the rooftop of his apartment and prepares to jump down to commit suicide. When he goes down, he gets saved by an angel. She catches him just before he was about to hit the floor.

Freedom and Love

Mirai asks who she is and she reveals that she is his guardian angel. She also says that she knows about Mirai’s past. His parents died and his foster parents used him as a slave which made him depressed enough to commit suicide.

Angel promises to give Mirai wings to fly anywhere and an arrow that will make a person hit with it love him for 33 days. Mirai accepts the deal and the angel gives him wings. He proceeds to fly right to the sky and witnessed the amazing scenery of the world. For the first time in his life, he senses true freedom.

Platinum End Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Freedom and Love

New God

The angel tells Mirai that it was her aunt and uncle who killed his parents. He goes to the house and hits his aunt with the arrow. She spills the beans and says they killed his parents over money. In a rage, Mirai tells her to kill herself and she does.

Mirai gets shocked by such a reaction and the power. He wants to be happy because he is alive. Over elsewhere, the god gathers angels and tells them to find 13 humans who will become the next candidate to become the god. He has only 999 days left till he retires.

Platinum End Episode 2 Spoilers

In Platinum End episode 2 spoilers, Mirai decides to go to high school and a famous one at that. He doesn’t use his powers to pass the entrance exam. On their way, they see the appearance of Metropoliman, a hero recognized by the police.


Metropoliman addresses the people that he has become a new hero. They broadcast his valiant efforts to take down a robber which provides him immense public support. Mirai finds out that Metropoliman is one of the 12 candidates to become a god.

When Mirai returns home, he has some doubts about going to school. If he goes out, he may get targeted by this guy. However, despite all the threats he still decides to go opening ceremony. His ex-classmate Saki comes from behind and stabs him with a red arrow.

Platinum End Episode 2 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time


After getting stabbed, Misai falls in love with Saki. She then takes him to her house. Over there, her angel discusses the plan for Saki to acquire wings. He also finds that Mirai’s angel is of a special class. When they go out, Nasse confronts them.

Nasse and Sami’s guardian angel has Some history. Nasse convinces them and tells him that he loves Saki. After a month passes, Metropoliman issues a challenge to the remaining 11 candidates to meet him in the Jonno stadium.

Platinum End Episode 2 Watch Online

For online streaming, you can watch Platinum End episode 2 on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation. Note that you’ll need a subscription to access it.

Platinum End Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Here is the Platinum End episode 2 release date and time.

  • Japan – 01:30 AM, October 15th
  • India – 10:00 PM, October 14th
  • USA/Canada – 11:30 AM, October 14th
  • UK – 5:30 PM, October 14th
  • CES (Europe) – 6:30 PM, October 14th

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