Plan B ending explained – The Discovery of True Self

Plan B ending explained – The Discovery of True Self
Plan B ending explained – The Discovery of True Self

Plan B is a tale of two individuals struggling in their adulthood and finding their true selves. Directed by Natalie Morales, the movie portrays the problems of teenhood and provides a satirical take on America’s healthcare system.

Lupe and Sunny in this story are two people who find themselves encapsulated in a psychological shell and attempt to break out of it. However, their attempts don’t go the way they expect and things become quite erratic for the duo.

It’s up to them to come out of this adversary and confront their inner ghosts. So did they find their inner selves and overcome the hurdles? Let us find out in this Plan B ending explained as we jot down the final events of the movie.

Plan B Ending Explained

Plan B Story

Plan B features a couple of friends by the name of Lupe and Sunny. Sunny is a girl in her teens who worries about her lack of sexual exposure. To help her friend, Lupe suggests she hold a party at her house when her parents are out. She asks him to invite Hunter, her crush, and try to get him into the bed. At the same time, Sunny suggests Lupe ask Logan who she has been messaging for a while and invite him to the party.

The day arrives and the party begins however things don’t go as planned. Logan doesn’t show up at the party and hunter arrives with her girl. Afterwards, he too leaves early which leaves Sunny in shambles. A drunk Sunny ends up having sex with Kyle and regrets her decision.

What Happened After the Party?

On the next morning, Sunny finds out the protection still inside of her. She immediately storms off to the nearest medical store along with her friend to get a contraception pill.

However, the owner denies the pill and since she’s still 17, she can’t do anything about it. In search of the pill, they visit different places ranging from drug dealers to convenience stores but none of them provides a solution to their problems.

Where Did the Pair Go?

After finding no pill, the frustrated duo decides to visit the bowling alley where they find Logan and her band. Sunny comes to know that Logan is a girl and Lupe is attracted to her. She gets mad at her friend for hiding her sexuality. Lupe tells that she’s afraid of coming out, especially because of her father who’s a pastor.

However, things get a happy conclusion when Lupe confronts her father about her sexuality and he shows an accommodating gesture for it.

Both Lupe and Sunny Confront Their Inner Ghosts

Did Sunny Get the Pill?

When they run out of all options, Sunny decides to go back home and get into the arms of her mother. She tells her mother about everything that happened and now they weren’t able to get the pill. Her mother shares her past and how she had to face the worst scenario. They go to the same medical clinic and finally get the pill for Sunny.

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