Pipcorn Net Worth: How Much It Value Today!

pipcorn net worth


When you finally sit down to watch a movie at the end of a long day, do you ever get frustrated because pieces of popcorn become stuck in your teeth?

Popcorn is a delicious snack, but it really makes it difficult for the eater.

This food is rich in both fiber and antioxidants. Additionally, it is a popular food choice among those on calorie-restricted diets due to its high satiety value and low cost.

Pipcorn’s original founders were just like you, and they knew they were onto something when they found heirloom popcorn kernels with all the crunch and none of the ouch.

pipcorn net worth

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Can We Find out The Origins of Pipcorn?

The origin of Pipcorn, like that of many other groundbreaking concepts, can be traced to a series of fortuitous events.

The year was 2012, and Jeff and his sister Jen were settling Jen into her new digs. Teresa, Jeff’s spouse, lent a hand. After a long day of lifting and carrying heavy objects, they collapsed into exhaustion and hunger. As any previous movers may attest, they neglected to take the most essential item with them: food.

Jen discovered a couple of bags of heirloom popcorn that she had purchased when working at a health shop, tucked away in a back corner of a cabinet. They microwaved them, and out came the tastiest popcorn anyone had ever tasted.

Crisp, flavorful, and largely free of bits that might get lodged in your teeth.

How, Then, Did This Occur?!

The special variety of maize kernels employed was the key.

In contrast to the maize kernels often used in ordinary popcorn, those used in heirloom popcorn have never been genetically engineered. So, it had a true corn flavor but was much more diminutive than regular corn.

Having a smaller footprint meant there was less room for slack hulls.

The three friends ultimately set out on a mission to rediscover their favorite traditional childhood foods with an eye toward creating healthier, more environmentally friendly versions of those treats. This was followed by the debut of Shark Tank.

There were Oprah’s Favorite Things before there was Shark Tank.

The Smorgasburg Farmers Market in Brooklyn has been around since long before Oprah.

After locating the farmer who supplied the kernels for that first bag of traveling popcorn, they set out on their business excursion.

Their interest in heritage corn led them to develop Pipcorn in their mother’s old pasta cooker. The initial batches of Pipcorn were sold to the lucky people of Brooklyn, New York, in hand-stamped brown paper bags with a whole lot of ambition.

One day as they were working their table, someone from Oprah’s Favorite Things crew came by.

We can assure you if you are not already aware of it, that this particular portion of Oprah’s show is a very big thing. Oprah chooses a group of her favorite things, meals, and clothing items each year and shares them with her audience.

If your business is featured on the show, expect a significant increase in revenue. Four times out of four, Pipcorn was chosen. Their fame spread like wildfire.

They were able to gain an informal seal of approval by selling their products in Whole Foods markets across the United States thanks to this.

pipcorn net worth

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So, Let’s Bring in Shark Tank.

The growth of Pipcorn had reached a tipping point, at which time additional personnel was required. The show’s producers contacted them, and they made an appearance on season 6 in 2014.

Barbara Corcoran was the only one of the “sharks” to accept their offer of $200,000 for 10% of the company. “We went in wanting to work with Barbara and got a deal, and it’s been a terrific relationship since,” Jeff said to Food Business News.

Since she already had relevant work experience in the food industry, she was the obvious candidate.

Can You Tell Me How Much Pipcorn Is Worth Right Now?

pipcorn net worth

In just a few short months following its participation in Shark Tank, Pipcorn was able to increase its sales from $200,000 to $1,100,000.

Pipcorn has amassed a $1.4 million fortune as of right now.

Incredible growth for a company that started in someone’s kitchen.

Packaging manufacturing is now outsourced to partners on both the West and East coasts of the United States.

Because of this, the company’s founding members were free to concentrate on developing the company from within. Over forty positions were added, allowing Pipcorn to recruit innovative thinkers who will contribute to the company’s further growth.

The company’s product line has evolved over the years and now encompasses far more than just popcorn.

They expanded their online store during the previous year to sell snacks like cheese puffs, flavored popcorn, and corn chips that go with just about any dip. This nutritious treat may be purchased in over a hundred different Whole Foods, Safeways, and Wegmans locations. Though they now sell in Canada as well, global dominance is still far off.


Popcorn is a healthy snack that tastes great and is full of fiber and antioxidants. Jeff and Jen came up with the idea of Piporn. Shark Tank gave them $200,000 for 10% of the business. It is now worth $1.4 million.

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