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Pinterest changes rules on Vaccine related searches after 53 cases of measles confirmed in Washington

pinterest on vaccine searches

Pinterest Blocks Vaccine Searches  

For parents worldwide, Pinterest has been an easy way to keep track of craft and party ideas for kids along with essentials like vaccine and food recipes. It’s interesting that usually, the commonly quiet platform is requiring to ban all searches related to vaccines and vaccinations.

As reported by Wall Street Journal and confirmed later by the company, following its rules of “health misinformation guideline“, the company had started blocking searches for certain vaccines and searches related to cancer on account if misinformation being spread on these topics. The company started this as a proactive step since September 2018 to withdraw misinformation by working along with officials in the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization).

Why Pinterest blocks Vaccine searches

A measles outbreak among kids on the Pacific Northwest affected dozens of children. Over 53 cases of measles were conformed in the southern Washington state. The disease is preventable by vaccination but lesser kids are getting immunized against it.

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There have been a large number of kids in the U.S. suffering from doubts against vaccination due to which their parents have not got them vaccinated.

pinterest on vaccine searches

This misinformation is widespread on the Pinterest website through common sharing by parents and to fight this from spreading more, the searches for vaccination have been disabled.

Fears over Vaccinations

Vaccinations have been seen as bearers of various side-effects such as links to autism, speech issues, religious and moral objections, and other issues.

WHO and CDC come out with a schedule for vaccinations of various age group. One in 1000 kids contract measles and this is deadly for kids when left untreated. This is an easily preventable disease at that and it is surprising that parents under the influence of false and misinformation are risking the lives of kids.

Social media is seen as a large propagator to such false rumors which has led to platforms like Pinterest take up this initiative.

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