Picuki: A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Use It Effectively


Want to obtain insider information on Instagram but don’t have an account? You’re in luck, though! A popular program called Picuki claims to provide safe and anonymous Instagram browsing. Thus, this anonymous viewer can be just what you need if you want to keep up with your favorite celebrity or influencer but don’t feel like signing up for yet another social media network.

Are you wondering how it operates and if its claims are true? You’ll get the answers to all of your pressing issues if you continue reading!

What Is Picuki Instagram Viewer?

For individuals who are curious or have a business interest in seeing someone’s Instagram profile in greater detail, Picuki is an Instagram viewer. It provides a novel method of seeing and editing postings from accounts that are public without requiring an account or logging in. The editing features, which include cropping, size modifications, and filter settings, are also really remarkable.

It is also quite helpful to use the website for market research. You may use it to search for results based on hashtags or locations, and you can bookmark the ideas you like.

You no longer need to swipe down to read complete captions beneath each post; you may also access any private profile and its tales! Additionally, Picuki makes it simple to use the control + f function on the caption to discover a certain photo you’re looking for.

Is Picuki For Instagram Safe?

Naturally, concerns about a website’s security surface whenever we come across a new one, particularly if it makes a claim to provide a private experience. Is Picuki safe, then? Big, fat yes is the answer!

Picuki is a reliable and secure website for looking at Instagram photos. You can be certain that your search experience is worry-free because it makes use of the official Instagram API; no harmful pop-ups or security problems here! But when using Picuki, keep in mind that copyright regulations still apply.

Please make sure you are not breaking any laws before downloading or utilizing any content for business use. In this manner, you can guarantee that your search process is safe and legal.

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Is Picuku Anonymous?

Picuki guarantees a completely anonymous, safe, and secure browsing experience. Stories can be viewed or downloaded without displaying your Instagram handle.

Additionally, no one you search for or the user you’re downloading from will receive any kind of notification. It makes sense that hundreds of people are using this site for their Instagram needs given its level of secrecy.

Picuki is a haven for stalkers. True, the term “stalker” has a bad meaning sometimes, but Picuki is totally innocent. Admit it, we all like occasionally getting a glimpse into other people’s lives. On this service, you can safely and anonymously meet someone, be it a celebrity or a new crush.

How To Use Picuki Annonymously?

As was previously said, Picuki is a vital resource for anyone wishing to search Instagram without using their own account. You can quickly and simply access users, profiles, videos, images, and stories using our official Instagram API-connected platform.

Don’t forget about places and tags! Also, the website is quite easy to use. If you simply adhere to our simple, step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything Instagram has to offer.

Step 1: go to Picuki.com

To get the best experience possible, we suggest using the Chrome web browser to visit Picuki.com.


Step 2: Look Up Your Favorite Instagram Posts

If you’re trying to find something specific on Instagram, utilize the search box on the homepage. It is situated exactly in the center of the page. Enter whatever you want to browse, such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, or a friend’s account username. Next, press Enter to validate your search. To search while using your phone for surfing, simply hit the magnifying glass symbol.


The search can be made even more specific by clicking on the “Profiles” or “Tags” choices, which are located directly below the orange search box. By default, the search will include all profiles and tags. Additionally, if you’re in need of inspiration, simply scroll down to view some of the homepage’s trending profiles and tags. To go directly to each of their pages, just click on them.

Step 3: Go Through Stories, Videos, and Posts

The search button will bring up a list of results. Choose the account you want, then take pleasure in seeing the content. Without ever leaving Picuki, you may also scroll down the page to see previous articles and videos.

Step 4: Modify and obtain the feature

Picuki is a fantastic tool for downloading and editing photos and videos from Instagram. Simply click the “Edit” button when you find an image that needs work, and you’ll be able to use a variety of tools to make the shot ideal.

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To customize it, you can trim it, add text, apply filters, change the brightness, and more. After everything is finished, just click the “Download” button in the top right corner, and it’s ready! It won’t take long for you to save the artwork on your device.

Although there are no editing tools for videos, Picuki’s “Download” button makes sure that those captivating moments may be immediately saved for sharing or offline watching. But note that these convenient features are limited to content published by public accounts only.


Picuki is an excellent application for viewing, editing, and downloading photos from Instagram. You may access every public account with Picuki. Picuki offers a simple approach to obtaining some amazing photos and videos from Instagram in an anonymous manner.

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