Photo Hacks: 8 Hacks for Taking Creative Photos for Every Photographer

photo hacks

To improve your abilities, are you looking for the greatest creative photography hacks? It may seem tough to keep up with all of the most recent photography equipment and accessories because the field of photography is one that is always growing. You could feel jealous of photographers who seem to have every camera and lens imaginable. However, you don’t have to blow all your money on brand-new machinery in order to keep up.

In actuality, many of the most intriguing photographic techniques don’t call for a big expenditure. You may perform a variety of inventive photography hacks using nothing more than a smartphone or a basic DSLR and an original photoshoot location. A distinctive location for a photo shoot? Indeed, I do. And we at Peerspace are fully aware of it.

We have a huge selection of attractive places that you can reserve by the hour as the largest online marketplace for peer-to-peer venue rentals. You can get an expert portrait studio from a fellow photographer or a unique creative space from a designer. Visit our website to see what is available close to you. It might even give rise to a brand-new undertaking! Here are 20 of our most inventive photography tips for both amateur and experienced photographers, along with images taken at actual Peerspace locations.

Build a Lightbox Yourself

photo hacks

For any product photography that calls for taking well-lit pictures of tiny objects, a lightbox is a need. A cardboard box and a piece of plain white fabric can be used to create your own lightbox. By using some tape and scissors, you can rig it yourself and save $100

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Utilize a Sandwich Bag.

Want to produce a foggy, ethereal effect? To make it happen, all you need is a plastic quart bag. To create a homemade haze effect, cover your lens with a plastic sandwich bag.

Employ Fishing Line

Lens flare can give an outdoor landscape photograph some vitality. To get this appearance, wrap a short piece of fishing wire across the lens. Only the light bouncing off the wire will be seen in the final image.

Shoot Wool Through

photo hacks

Stretch out your favorite holiday sweater in front of the camera to create a soft border around your subject. Just make sure that their face is in sharp focus and the wool is out of it for the desired effect.

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Use a Tilt-Shift App, Number 10.

Although tilt-shift lenses are available for purchase, they can be quite expensive. Thankfully, a lot of smartphone apps today provide tilt-shift features, including Instagram. To give your images that weird, miniature-model look, just add this effect.

Pass the Gun Through the Tea Strainer.

To create shadows on your model’s face, raise a tea strainer in front of the camera. To alter the patterns, vary the distance.

Make Your Smartphone’s Macro Lens.

photo hacks

Take apart an old DVD player or laser pointer to get at the tiny macro lens inside. You can either superglue it to the casing of your smartphone to rig it to it, or you can use a rubber band and a popsicle stick to fasten it. For more entertaining ways to experiment with texture in your picture, check out this guide.

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 Put on Your Reading Glasses

If you happen to have a spare pair of reading glasses, you may create a magnifying effect on your smartphone camera by taping them in front of the lens. It can get the same result as lens ball photography without the financial outlay.

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