Philips Hue joins hand with Spotify to offer sync between music and light bulbs flash

According to the latest news, Signify is partnering with Spotify so that one can sync light bulbs automatically to whatever music they have been laying. In simple words, the lights will change colors and flash to the music beats accordingly.

Currently, there are plenty of tools available in the market that can sync your lights to music. Even Signify’s own Hue Sync app can do it. However, these methods let an app or some external hardware listen in on everything you are playing. This new partnership will avoid this by letting the Hue Bridge tap directly into Spotify to see what you have been playing. Note that for this, you would require a Hue Bridge, and color bulbs are required

The partnership is expected to bring a better experience by letting the Hue system adjust lighting effects based on specific data about the music you are playing, including its genre, tempo, volume, mood, and more. Note that if you don’t like the automated syncs you will always be able to customize the effects on your own.

However, the system comes with a couple of catches. To start with, in order to use it, you will need a Hue Bridge and the feature only supports color bulbs. Note that for Spotify’s part, you won’t require a paid subscription, a free account will work fine.

Signify announced this feature will be rolled out from today onwards and it will be available to all Hue users within a week. Signify announced a new bunch of Hue lights today including more filament lights, brighter bulb configurations, and updated lamps. This partnership is expected to take light and music sync to the next level without leaking any authorization or information to third parties.

Mary Woods
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