Perth style: Empire Rose shows COVID-inspired layouts

Perth fashion: Empire Rose reveals COVID-inspired designs

TAPPING to local and international events and triggers, Kathryn Cizeika of Empire Rose enjoys to ignite tongue-in-cheek discussions through trend.

Her most recent COVID 19-motivated motto ), emblazoned with’Wash Your #2! * Hands,”’ do only that.

Implementing small explanation, they’re the newest offering in a very long line of lively t-shirts spanning back into 2018. Other people include:”’Not Nowadays Satan,”’What Can J Bish do?’ And’Help Me Help You’

Camera IconKathryn Cizeika at the’WASH YOUR #%! * HANDS’ tee Charge: provided

“The motto tee procedure is quite natural rather than contrived. My group and I would mention something in dialogue and one of us can say,’that is another slogan tee’ and, even when most of us agreeit goes onto a tee — it is that easy,” Cizeika clarified.

The North Fremantle style-setter has retained her team and company afloat throughout the pandemic and managed to reply immediately to the changing market since she designs and creates everything in house.

“I kept back several dressier fashions I had from the pipeline and substituted them with lavish, stylish leisurewear and loungewear bits, in addition to the always-popular motto hindsight,” Cizeika explained.

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“It’s been a frightening time for many small business owners, certainly one of fantastic uncertainty and change. In stating this, it’s been a period of excellent contradiction — together with all of the strain has also come additional timeI believe all of us discovered hard to discover earlier COVID.

“Luckily, I did not need to shut my company because of this little, low-traffic character of my own design, sales and manufacturing division at North Fremantle. It had been extremely important for me to keep safely to make sure a sense of normality and safety for my little staff and our clientele”

The Olympia Sweat Series was devised through lockdown — a tablet set of perspiration divides generated in lavish New Zealand elongate loopback cotton.

“We have published two blouse fashions, a sweat and a blouse apparel. The response has been overwhelming — our customers absolutely adore this variety and there is more to come,” Cizeika explained.

“It is all-hands-on-deck now working on our second capsule releases for the winter. We’ve got some exciting developments to our luxe loungewear show; we are raising the ante and introducing several unbelievable new fabrications like a glitter-infused velvet and double-bonded extend crepe.”

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Go to the Empire Rose studio from North Fremantle or on line at empirerose.com.au.

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