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Payless ShoeSource closes its store and getting their business online with E-Commerce

Payless closing its store in US

Why Payless ShoeSource is closing all its stores in the US and targeting e-Commerce selling

It is no doubt that the online presence of most business owners have given them a better and more income as compared to the traditional medium through which people visit stores nowadays to purchase goods. As the world is developing, people find it very easy to purchase things online rather than going out to purchase goods and services from the stores, therefore reducing the number of people who are engaged with business owners in stores and those that get things around.


  • Why Payless closing all its shopping store in the US
  • Payless debut in e-Commerce
  • Payless compete with Walmart and Amazon in the US online market

Apart from the fact that they find it easier to purchase things online, it is much easier for people to visit a single site or marketplace where they can get everything that they want to purchase at a go rather than purchasing shoe from one place, bag from another and having to go through a lot of stress just to purchase goods and services.

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Payless making their presence in the e-Commerce market

Marketplace such as Walmart, Amazon and other companies with a very good internet exposure has taking up the baton and even giving delivery services, allowing customers to get their goods even at home without moving an inch.

Payless closing its store in US

Payless, a shoe store which started about seventy years ago is about to take one if the bold step possible. It is a place where people purchase footwear in the United States and around the world has confirmed that it will be closing down all the 2100 retail stores present in the United States including Puerto Rico.


This cannot be disregarded enough as this is usually as a result of little sales and they may find it so hard to get worthy customers and have good sales. However, the company has promised not to close down its retail shops in Latin America and they will still be running their other stores in different places around the world.

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