Paul Manafort, the ex-campaign boss of the US president, might get 24 years of sentence

US President

Paul Manafort ex-campaign boss of the US president

As of now, Paul Manafort is facing the first of a couple of sentencing hearings. By the looks of it, the hearing took place on Thursday. The special counsel Robert Mueller said that the ex-campaign chairman of Donald Trump deserves significant prison time.

Alexandria’s federal judge might give Paul Manafort, the 69-year-old ex-campaign chairman a prison sentence of 19 years to 24 years. With an addition to the jail time, the ex-campaign chairman of Trump is also going to be charged again. But this time it will be with millions in the form of fine, according to the federal guidelines of Virginia. The bad news for Manafort keeps coming. Manafort is facing a separate case in Washington DC where there is a highly likely possibility that he might receive prison time for ten years.

The sentencing dates for Manafort took place for Thursday at around 3:30 p.m. ET in the court of Virginia and Wednesday in Washington. The date will mark the end of a steep, long and public fall of a high-ranking political operative in the US.

The US federation convicted Paul Manafort in the previous year on eight counts. This also includes bank fraud, fail to file an account report of a foreign bank as well as tax fraud. Mueller lodged the charges on account of his interference of Russian probe in the election of 2016. Mueller also charges Manafort with a possibility of collusion with the campaign of Trump.

Manafort has cut a plea agreement and cooperated with the team of Mueller. This took place the night before his second trial which took place in Washington. However, the deal fell apart after a few months when the prosecutors derived a logical conclusion. In the meantime, they stated that Manafort has been lying for a long time now. Manafort’s attorneys have made an argument on Friday and stated that their client deserves a lighter sentence.

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