Patriotic Voter Preps for Long Poll Lines Together with Chair and Snacks

Patriotic Voter Preps for Long Poll Lines with Chair and Snacks

In Case you Are gonT Wait — and you Must — Just Take a lesson out of the American… who Is loaded up and Prepared for long lines, Warmth and Whatever else standing between the Surveys.

The voter showed her off version of an early voting survival kit at a video which grabbed the interest of Sen. Kamala Harris‘ niece. As the girl, that travels on @queenbv59 around TikTok, place it… she has her”grown guy’s hair ,” her”barbarous” clothing and it is time to beg.

Her humorous, and patriotic, preparedness is heading viral… also it’s easy to see why. She is able to wait 15 hours since she has a seat. She could also stretch it 24 hours since she has bites.

As she puts it “ai not so *** gont quit me!!!”

Meena Harris, the VP optimistic’s niece, shared with the movie on her Twitter accounts… and it has already racked up 2.5 million counting and views.

Plenty of people are asking the girl keeps stating”jush,” and we have obtained your response — it is simply another way of stating living your very best life.

Today, ya understand, and since QueenBV states… go catch your jush along with your vote !!!

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