‘Party Down South’ Star Mattie Breaux Gets Jail Time Once 3rd DUI


The party’s over for Mattie Breaux… she Is doing time behind bars, since the next time Isn’t a charm If you Are Speaking DUIs.

The”Party Down South” celebrity pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI and will function seven days in Davidson County Jail. In accordance with court docs, acquired by TMZ, the estimate struck Mattie with almost a year behind bars, but suspended all 7 days of her sentence.

Karla West, chief of personnel in the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, tells TMZ… Mattie will serve her prison time until she completes her sentence. We are told it is normal process of similar DUI instances.

After she is served seven days behind bars, Mattie — who has been on MTV’s”Floribama Shore” and”The Challenge” — will soon be on supervised probation for near a year, and may even lose her driver’s license for a year. Third time to get this also.

Mattie was detained in August 2019 following a Royal crash in Nashville. Cops say she informed them she had taken Hydrocodone and chugged two beers before getting behind the wheel.

Cops also state that they smelled a strong odor of booze and her speech was slurred. While becoming treated in a hospital, she also told cops she’d two past DUIs at Louisiana.

Pretty crappy trifecta to score. )

We achieved to Mattie’s lawyer, who declined to comment.

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