Parker Schnabel Net Worth: His per Episode Salary!

parker schnabel net worth

Gold Rush, shown on the Discovery Channel, is a smash hit in the United States. Miner and audience favorite Parker Schnabel is a mainstay of the show. Since the pilot in 2010, he has been in each and every season of the show. In light of his notoriety, he was offered a starring role in a spin-off called Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

The Beginnings

Parker Russell Schnabel was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska. John Schnabel was his grandfather and the founder of the mining firm Big Nugget. Parker’s career choice to become a miner was heavily influenced by John. His brother, Payson, also makes appearances on occasion.

Parker worked in the mine with his grandfather every summer, and their time there stoked his interest in finding precious metal. He played varsity basketball for his high school. That’s not shocking, considering how tall he is.

parker schnabel net worth

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Employment Opportunities in Mining

When Parker was a senior in high school, his grandfather retired from managing The Big Nugget Mine, and he took over the daily operations. He was only 16 when he proved his ability to unearth high-quality gold while leading a workforce of miners twice his age.

He abandoned his first mining operation and decided instead to dig in the Canadian Yukon instead of attending university. At the age of eighteen, Parker Schnabel leased land in the Klondike from the illustrious miner Tony Beets. He seeded the enterprise with funds from his college endowment.

The Term “Reality TV”

It was in 2010 that Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Alaska featured the young mining phenom. Famous for helping the mostly-immature miners of Porcupine Creek, he made a name for himself.

His move to the Yukon was also featured on the show as he made the long trek westward. At the end of his first year as a business owner, Parker had found 1029 ounces of gold. Without him, the show wouldn’t have the same success it does because of his tale and character.

In addition to the original Gold Rush, he also made appearances in two prequels. He appeared in Gold Rush: The Dirt from its 2012 debut till 2016. Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, his own television series, premiered in 2017.

parker schnabel net worth

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Financial Resources and Gains

The average salary for Parker Schnabel is $25,000 per episode of Gold Rush. This sum more than makes up for the inconvenient presence of a film crew. It’s also worth noting that gold mining can be lucrative. Parker is a shrewd businessman who has succeeded in a difficult industry.

When he was only 24 years old, he had already mined more than $13 million in gold. Parker’s employees make $34 an hour, and he has a lot of other costs to pay for, such as machinery and fuel. If you factor in his other assets, Parker is likely worth around $10 million. The only miner in the series with more money is Tony Beets, but now this guy is right behind him.

Daily Life

The veterinary nurse Ashley Youle and Schnabel were a couple for a while, but they broke up in 2018. After meeting Sheena Cowell, an associate producer, the following year, he began dating her. To the best of our knowledge, Parker is currently unattached. It was falsely reported that he was dating Australian Tyler Mahoney.

It has been said that Parker resides in a lavish Alaskan estate, and this has been corroborated by web sources. Teenager Schnabel defended himself by arguing he is technically homeless because he did not have a home. Because of his frequent trips, he has no need to invest in real estate.


Parker Schnabel is an important part of the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush. Parker makes an average of $25,000 per episode. Parker probably has a value of around $10 million.

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