Parker Schnabel Girlfriend: His Relationship Timpline!

parker schnabel girlfriend

The Discovery Channel’s most-watched show is about a team of committed gold miners in Canada’s Klondike region, Dawson City, Yukon. How come? Since the show’s 2010 launch, Gold Rush’s perils, relationships, and educational value have captivated audiences.

The four professional gold miners featured in the series are Rick Ness, Fred Dodge, Roger Schnabel, and Parker Schnabel. They are the show’s most well-known stars.

Parker Schnabel’s love life has drawn attention, especially after one of his relationships abruptly ended and appears in the documentary. Gold Rush contains a surprisingly large quantity of gut-wrenching drama. So, who is the Discovery actress currently seeing? Is he attached to anyone?

parker schnabel girlfriend

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Parker Schnabel’s Partner

Parker’s successful spinoff series Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail was granted to him in 2017. Follow Parker as he braves the challenging Klondike Riches Rush route in memory of his beloved grandpa in the never-ending search for gold as fans watch in awe.

Parker’s star power persuaded Discovery to grant the program four seasons instead of the intended miniseries (thus far, anyway).

The 27-year-old miner accompanied gold prospector and model Tyler Mahoney to Australia for the fourth season of Parker’s Trail, which aired in 2020. This 24-year-old gold miner has also appeared on other episodes such as Gold Rush: The Dirt and Discovery’s Australian Gold Hunters.

There have been a staggering number of Discovery Channel gold mining programming over the years.

The two young adults are very diverse in their interests. Many fans questioned whether Tyler and Parker were romantically involved because they were both singles at the time (who looks a bit like Ashley Youle). Sadly, a love triangle didn’t develop while the movie was being filmed.

parker schnabel girlfriend

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Since he felt uncomfortable kissing Ashley in front of the camera on Gold Rush, Parker has a reputation for being camera shy when it comes to PDA.

Given this, it’s logical to believe that something happened off-camera, even though their social media accounts don’t reveal anything to support this.

On the other side, Tyler seemed to be sick of the two Discovery stars’ continuous kissing.

She stated, “This is the last Parker question I’m going to answer because I have been plagued with this s—t,” when asked about their relationship after they had done filming.

Ashley Youle, an Ex-Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel

The cast of Gold Rush welcomed veterinary nurse Ashley Youle in Season 7, which premiered in 2016. She met Parker, her ex-boyfriend, in 2016 while on holiday in Australia.

Parker was so taken with her that he persuaded her to join him for the summer of mining in Alaska.

“Her efforts ensured that summer ran smoothly. She is delightful to be around as a person and delightful to be with. He fervently expressed his opinions to Maxim magazine in 2017.

Despite all the accolades, Ashley left Season 8 early. Parker believes that he is to blame for his relationship’s demise.

“Despite how lovely our season was, I did fail in one important way. I had to end things with Ashley. She wasn’t a priority for me, and neither was the relationship.

He admitted that she deserves a lot more than that in the Season 8 episode “Win Big or Die Trying,” “based on what Looper says. Since then, perhaps Parker has learned to maintain his sense of reality and pursue his romantic interests.

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