Parentsalarm: Check All the Characteristics and Features Updates in 2022


Parentsalarm is a cloud-based school administration programme. Among other things, the integrated digital portal can be used to enhance student, library, transit, and account administration. The school administration can send parents updates on their children’s academic progress on a regular basis. They can send alerts concerning overdue fees, overdue library books, disciplinary actions, results, and assignments.

Administrators can provide details about impending exams, holidays, and academic events. This software can also be used to track the precise GPS location of buses as they travel the route using a missed call alert system. Teachers can generate analytical reports and keep track of attendance for parents. Schools may automate every step of the admissions process using this system, which will also help them save time and work more efficiently. They have the power to enforce CCE rules regarding proper behaviour in class.

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Characteristics of Parentsalarm

Attendance Management

School officials can monitor each student’s regular attendance using the attendance tracking feature, and they can send

Monitoring of Location

The missed call alert system of the Parentsalarm school management software allows for the tracking of a school bus’ whereabouts

Transportation Management

The management of bus fleets, trip tracking, and driver accountability are all possible.

Performance Management

The programme can be used by the school’s administration to routinely inform parents about their children’s performances, particularly

Control of Exams

Teachers can enter any relevant information about upcoming exams, reading materials, previous test questions,

Homework Management

Teachers can put assignments, projects, and other materials on the site for students to download and finish. to have children

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School administrations can broadcast messages, publish circulars, and change their policies on this digital portal.

Mobile Application

Through its user-friendly smartphone application, parents can keep tabs on their kids’ progress and get in touch with the school’s leadership.

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Our Intelligent Features

Report on Instant Attendance

gives parents instantaneous access to their child’s daily and monthly attendance information via SMS and mobile apps.

Bus Location Monitoring

Give a missed call to find out the specific bus location so you don’t have to wait around for too long at bus stops.

Admin Tools for Schools

incorporates online registration, accounts, role and permission-based setup, GPS vehicle tracking, etc.

Application Case

provides numerous setup options and chart-based student analysis data to make CCE implementation easier.

Smartphone Application

Our intuitive, intelligent, and simple mobile application makes it easy for parents to communicate with schools in real-time.

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