Pam Long Of Total Says She Lied Concerning Sexual Assault Claims Against Ex-Husband Jamie Long: I am Sorry For Your Shame I Brought For Your Title

Pam Long Of Total Says She Lied Concerning Sexual Assault Claims Against Ex-Husband Jamie Long: I am Sorry For Your Shame I Brought For Your Title

Pam Long previously of R&B team Total has been quite vocal talking her truth upon her marriage for her ex-husband Jamie Long, who’s now married Cyntoia Brown-Long.

Before, Pam Long has subjected Jamie Long openly, asserting he was supposedly abusive to her.

Today It Appears like Pam Long is with a change of heart on some of its own offenses, also has issued a public apology into Jamie Long and his Loved Ones.   At a movie on Instagram she states,

“I come before you now with deep distrust regarding a statement which I am about to create.   On October that the 20th, 2019 because of the series Pam’s World, I left a remark concerning my ex-husband Jamie Long.   And that remark was that he pushes about girls, and right then I said’do you remember the night?’   Basically I had been telling the world my ex-husband pushed himself sexually, and that has been a lie”

She lasted,

“Jamie I am accountable for what it’s I Have said concerning you.   I am sorry for the pity I have attracted to your title, to a loved ones, for you, your spouse, your mother, your sister, and people who adore you.”


“In addition to my loved ones, my church family, to my friends, to people who adore me that had no concept this was a lie which I said about Jamie. I ask you to forgive me too. Jamie I am sorry and that I know sorry doesn’t compensate for what I’ve stated. However, I ask you will see it in your heart to forgive me for what I’ve done to you and your loved ones.”

It appears like Pam’s lovers Weren’t convinced from the apology movie along with her remarks were full of the belief it had been a driven announcement.   Read a few of the opinions below:



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Hello Paris, @parismilan_yt That is Pamela Long previously of Total. On October 22, 2019 you published in your display a statement which I created from my series Pam’s world about my ex husband Jaime Long. On the series, I left a remark about how he compels himself on girls and I said,”Can you recall that evening?” Now I regretfully recant this remark, since it had been a lie. Jaime didn’t force himself sexually. I’m sorry for your pain, tension and humiliation which I caused Jaime along with his loved ones at all. I understand that sorry doesn’t nor will it make things easier for what I’ve stated, but I apologize to the lengthy family. I also want to apologize for my loved ones, my church family, friends, people who appear to me and individuals on social websites because of the lie I’ve told.

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Pam originally scooped Jamie later reports shown he wed Cynthia Brown-Long.  She stated:

“This guy is diabolical and he’s such a manipulator. How this guy chased this girl is how he’d me.He arrived and found me with the identical card’He had been a Christian performer ‘  May the Lord God shield her and her cash. It is about who she’s from the public attention and that which she’s. By her with this face from the press it will help to have a opportunity to be about that which he deems because the elites. Mr. Long might have the ability to hide behind his fine appearances of becoming a fantastic guy, but God knows the heart and also vulnerability is coming”

Jamie and Brown-Long have simply reacted. Jamie stated,

“I think that it was quite greedy. I really don’t know if she is attempting to reevaluate her career, ” I do not understand what she is attempting to do. I believe that it was quite selfish of her to do this. We are serious about what we’re doing, so we are seriously interested in the concept. You know I have been blessed from Pam nearly fouryears guy. I didn’t see her much if we were wed.”

Read his whole answer here.

Jamie Long, Cyntoia Brown-Long

Cynthia Brown-Long has also denied Pamela’s asserts he’s employing her since when they met and got married, Brown was prison and still and they hadn’t any concept Brown could be published.

Jamie additionally stated:

“I had been married before. And that I married the wrong girl. I had the correct intentions but that I married the wrong girl, and that I was not doing this no longer. At times the imitation comes ahead of the actual thing. And we fall to the fake occasionally. This time I know I made it . That is my very best friend.”

Watch it beginning in the 33:17 markers )

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