MMA Fans Are Blown Away by Paddy Pimblett’s Transformation!

paddy pimblett transformation

Pimblett gained a lot of weight following his third UFC victory in July, but he shed 50 lbs to compete at the lightweight limit against Jared Gordon this Saturday in Las Vegas. After going on a massive post-fight binge after earning his third victory in his UFC career in July, “The Baddy” was forced to lose a significant amount of weight to compete against Jared Gordon at UFC 282 on Saturday night. Pimblett easily made weight for his bout despite fattening up to the light-heavyweight limit and flaunting a noticeable six-pack on the scale before flexing for the cameras.

Who’s going to f****ng miss weight? Pimblett said as he stepped off the scale in response to supporters who had criticized his weight gain outside of training camp. Gordon, the Scouser’s opponent in their lightweight contest, similarly weighed in at 155.5 lbs.

Fight’s Post-Match Interview

Backstage at UFC 282, Jared Gordon admitted to Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett that he believed he had won the bout, even though all three judges had given the victory to the English fighter.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, for Saturday night’s co-main event, Gordon and Pimblett split the Octagon. Pimblett was declared the winner by all three judges, who gave him scores of 29 to 28. With four victories since his UFC debut in 2021, the British fighter has remained unbeaten.

paddy pimblett transformation

Gordon, though, is heard informing the Liverpudlian that his unbeaten streak ought to have ended that evening in footage posted on Pimblett’s YouTube page.

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Transpired Following UFC 282?

The footage starts with Pimblett leaving the Octagon after his victory while limping from an ankle injury he sustained in the opening round of the bout. The 27-year-old runs into Gordon as he rounds the bend and informs his opponent that night that he is “one tough m*****f*****.”

Gordon grinned and said to Pimblett, “I thought I’d won,” as they hugged.

Did Paddy Pimblett Deserve To Win At UFC 282?

Jared Gordon is not the only person who thinks the judges made the incorrect choice on Saturday night; others are shocked and refer to it as a heist. The criticism of the outcome was spearheaded by Mixed Martial Arts journalist Ariel Helwani, who last week got into a fight with Pimblett after the latter attacked him on his podcast with UFC President Dana White.

Was that one of the worst choices you’ve ever made? Helwani tweeted a question. “I believe you have a valid point. That not a single judge picked Gordon as the winner astounds me. Even though Pimblett’s footage makes it plain that he and Gordon respect one another, the American was nevertheless incensed by the outcome and took to Twitter.

paddy pimblett transformation

Everyone knows I was robbed. I can cry over it, but I’ve gone through the worst and I know that God’s plan is the best, therefore I know that something significant will result from it.

However, Pimblett responded after the altercation and feels that he did enough to secure the outcome. According to Pimblett on BT Sport, “Anyone who thinks he won that bout doesn’t know what they are witnessing.”The first two rounds were easily won by me, and I believe the third round was only won by him holding me.

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What Happened at UFC 282?

The main event, in which Jan Bachowicz competed against Magomed Ankalaev for the vacant light heavyweight championship, came after Pimblett’s triumph. After five rounds, the contest was declared a split draw, with neither man winning the title.

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