OzTAM adds co-viewing into VPM because it prepares for VOZ launching

OzTAM adds co-viewing to VPM as it prepares for VOZ launch

OzTAM has introduced co-viewing into the Video Player Measurement (VPM) report, shooting connected TV seeing with over 1 person.

The dimension business states the inclusion is among the last phases prior to the launching of VOZ (Virtual Australia) that was expected to arrive in April, but is presently in the’closing phases of preparation for launching’.

Based on OzTAM, the accession of co-viewing will lead 20 — 25% extra Broadcast Viewing on-demand (BVOD) moments which weren’t previously reported.

Co-viewing extends about the market profiles which OzTAM introduced into the VPM support in ancient 2019 and can be a significant element of all-screen, cross-border reporting and planning database VOZ.


CTV watching accounts for roughly 50percent of BVOD intake as well as 95percent of this happens with a single, a couple of people viewing.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer explained:”We all know from our technologies, the strong OzTAM panel as well as also our demographic modelling that a lot of men and women watch TV with all the most important and greatest display in the house.

“More importantly, that is a linked TV, as 48percent of Australian households have one.

“VPM co-viewing empowers us to record that common BVOD intake, taking us outside a 1:1 people-to-device ratio to currently model the magnitude of total BVOD viewership, also discovering 20-25 percent of their BVOD viewers that before now wasn’t reported.”

Peiffer additional co-viewing is a vital input VOZ.

“Co-viewing gives a useful new dimension into the BVOD viewers, enlarging the VPM market profiles OzTAM introduced last season and demonstrating that the total dimensions and reach broadcast watching across all devices which VOZ shows,” Peiffer said.

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