Oxygen movie review: A Sci-Fi Netflix Thriller

Oxygen movie review: A Sci-Fi Netflix Thriller
Oxygen movie review: A Sci-Fi Netflix Thriller

Directed by Alexandre Aja, Oxygen is a Netflix movie that premiered on 12th May 2021. It stars Melanie Laurent in the main role with other cast members including Mathieu Amalric and Malik Zidi. It follows the concept of “Trapped” which we’ve seen in few movies in the past. “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds also used a similar theme like Oxygen.

Oxygen (2021) focuses on a young woman (Melanie Laurent) who finds herself trapped in a cryogenic pod. With no information on her identity, she is baffled and doesn’t know what to do. The Oxygen level is running out in the pod and with each passing second, she is approaching life’s end. Before she passes out, the woman needs to find her identity through flashbacks and know why she was put in this situation.

It is an exciting movie with over 100 minutes filled with a high tension atmosphere. Melanie has done a tremendous job in her role and made her character alive in the movie. There is a lot to discuss this Netflix release so without wasting any time let’s dive into Oxygen (2021) Netflix review.

Oxygen movie review
Oxygen (2021) – Netflix Review

The Setup

The film is set up in only one place which is the cryogenic pod. Inside it, there is only Melanie along with an AI called M.I.L.O. Melanie has a code name Omicron-267 and just as she wakes up the oxygen level starts running out. This scenario acts as a great setup for the movie because the character has no time to think.

The sense of urgency and time running out provides a high tension atmosphere. To add salt to the wounds, Omicron-267 has no idea about her identity or her situation. She has to figure out everything and make her priorities clear.

Alexandra Aja does a great job in presenting a high tension situation to the viewers. It sets up a promising premise and informs viewers about the ongoing state of the protagonist.

It’s About Survival

Aja utilizes the survival aspect of humans to the highest degree in this work. He depicts the desperation and anxiety a person feels when put into drastic situations. Melanie too has been able to deliver those emotions constantly as the oxygen level is dropping rapidly.

Oxygen movie review
Melanie Stars in Main Role

The director in the past has manifested this human aspect on the screen with high production quality. He does a similar job in Oxygen as he employs the scenario of survival in this single-location thriller. Viewers can feel the desperation of the character through a screen with her attempts to ensure her survival before anything.

The Movie Resembles Current Scenario

Oxygen in some way acts as a homage to the unbelievable situation we are facing right now. The covid has hit the world hard and a lot of people are facing isolation. The movie in some way depicts the situation of every individual that’s trying to fight the virus.

While not studded with any action, the movie delivers what it should and that too in the best possible way. Props to both Aja and Melanie for keeping the tension right up the ranks for the entirety of 100 minutes. We recommend you watch this Netflix release if you’re a fan of the thriller genre.

Expert’s Say

Rotten Tomatoes has given its verdict on the movie with an approval rating of 97% and a weighted average of 7/10. On the other hand, Metacritic also had their say with their score of 64/100 for this movie.

What are your thoughts on Oxygen (2021)? Did you find it exciting or underwhelming? Let us know your opinions down below. We post news and reviews on the latest movies on our social media so make sure to follow us.

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