OV1: Meet OSOM’s first smartphone with Privacy First priority

OSOM OV1, the new smartphone with Privacy First priority
OSOM OV1, the new smartphone with Privacy First priority

From the makers of Essential Phone, OSOM brings their first phone named OV1 as a Privacy Oriented smartphone after their failed attempt of Essential PH1.

An Android Police report brought the 1st glimpse of OSOM OV1 smartphone. A smartphone company named Essential, steered by Android creator Andy Rubin might be dead, but the team behind the brainchild come together for OSOM.

Although the Essential PH1 might have failed in this highly competitive smartphone. But OSOM is trying to regather their thoughts and vision and fix a permanent focus which was the missing factor with Essential, as quoted by Jason Keats, CEO and founder of OSOM products.

OSOM OV1 focus on Privacy

The name OV1 stands for OSOM Vaults 1. The name has been meant to drive the employees towards a common goal with a feeling of continuity as well, after Essential PH1.

While talking about privacy, Jason Keats talked about sharing valuable and sensitive contents on internet lacks privacy. Hence, OSOM has developed three separate pieces of software to work as actual vaults.

OSOM OV1, the new smartphone with Privacy First priority

We generally keep sensitive documents in our phone’s gallery which Google has direct access to such documents. Although Jason Keats don’t want to accuse google of stealing information, but the inner sense always keeps him worried about accessible private documents.

OSOM OV1 Specifications

OSOM has not yet made the specifications official as the phone is still in manufacturing stage. And the company plans to reveal it in MCW 2022 or in summer next year.

But according to the glimpse from androidpolice.com, we can assume that the phone will come with dual camera and an LED flash light. The fingerprint sensor will also happen to be on rear panel.

The phone is expected to have stock android Operating system. OSOM is currently raising funds from its crowd funding campaign.

According to Jason Keats, the phone is almost ready for rigorous testing. The company will try to make no error in its software and hardware to make it successful in market unlike Essential phones.

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