‘OutDaughtered’ Star Michelle’Mimi’ Theriot Busted for DWI,’ Cops Allege Perfume Cover-up

'OutDaughtered' Star Michelle 'Mimi' Theriot Busted for DWI, Cops Allege Perfume Cover-up


Michelle Theriot — who made her name Because Gramma Mimi about the hit TLC show,”OutDaughtered” — Was arrested for DUI… TMZ has Discovered.

Mimi has been broken up past weekend at League City, Texas a bit after midnight in her way home. Cops state Mimi’s black Ford SUV was swerving while downing the shoulder’s strong white line.

Cops state when they attempted pulling her Mimi was dumb to cease and if they approached her, cops say that there was a very strong odor of perfume discharged in the SUV. Cops say they understand that the game… people attempt to hide certain scents with perfume or perfume.

Mimi had been requested to create her driver’s permit, and cops say she had been lethargic. They also state Mimi’s speech was slurred and she’d bloodshot eyes. After cops inquired if she had some booze, she told them she had two glasses of wine… before shifting her story later and stating she’d no wine but two Michelob Ultra beers.

Cops say it made worse if Mimi stepped unsteadily from their automobile… swaying back and forth. Based on cops, she bombed many field sobriety tests and needed to be stopped from wanting to return inside her SUV. She had been handcuffed and taken to prison.

“OutDaughtered” — that aired season 7 before this summer — comprises Adam and Danielle Busby, that are increasing 6 brothers which have the sole real American all-girl quintuplets on document. Danielle’s mother, Mimi, is still a large portion of the string… after going from Louisiana to Texas to become closer to her own grandkids.

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