Osher Günsberg calls Bella Varelis”childish’ behavior on Your job

Osher Günsberg calls Bella Varelis’ ‘childish’ behaviour on The Bachelor

Osher Günsberg is not one to take sides through a Bachie showdown, however, it looks like he has cemented himself team Irena, following her petty discussion with fellow contestant Bella Varelis.

Talking on the latest incident ofCocktails along with Roseswith Bachelor alum Alisha Aitken-Radburn, the 46-year made made it crystal clear the Bella’s behavior was childish once she promised her friendship with all Irena Srbinovska had been”on”.

Alisha said that the behavior revealed on Thursday night’s incident was like some 17-year-old high school pupil.

“No, no. This was straight from a standard nine, small lunch battle playbook,” Osher responded.

“’Friendship over’ is still something which you say before the bell and you also must go into P.E.

“Come on, guy. We are grown adults. You pay tax, you also vote. Come . Nobody says’friendship ‘.”

Bella, 25, also Irena, respectively 31, were”best friends” at the mansion until they were forced to move home and carry on their trip from lockdown because of COVID-19.

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Upon coming into the mansion, things were tense between them both, finally exploding in a confrontation in which Bella said that Irena was lying around just how far Locky was calling and texting her out of the detachable dates.

After Bella told Irena she did not trust her , she stormed off.

“Friendship done. I am f***ing above your bulls**t, to tell the truth! You are a manipulative small b***h!” Bella yelled.

But, there may be more into the struggle than we watched on TV!

Happily, the Thus Dramatic podcast has become what we missed.

In accordance with this podcast, the battle began over a body-shaming remark from Bella.

Irena supposedly told Steph that Bella had human body shamed her, therefore Steph confronted Bella concerning the remark. Bella denied saying .

This advocated Bella to face Irena, calling her a liar from the procedure, enlisting Izzy, Madi, Bec and Steph on her side.

“They develop a strategy to inform Locky how awful Irena is about her being qualified and she’s lied about things,” podcast bunch Megan Pustetto stated.

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But in promos for upcoming episodes, we view just Bella confiding in Locky regarding Irena’s behavior and their spat, but it appears to deteriorate and blow off in Bella’s face when Locky does not buy in it.

The job proceeds Wednesday at 7:30pm Channel 10

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