Orlando Police Say Nevan Baker Committed Suicide By Hanging, However, His Family Believes Foul Play Led To His Death | National

Orlando Police Say Nevan Baker Committed Suicide By Hanging, But His Family Believes Foul Play Led To His Death | National

Nevan Baker was Allegedly Announced dead on October 5 after Which He Had Been Discovered hanging in a tree at an Orlando, Florida Playground, Based on his police reports.

The Orlando Police Department along with the medical examiner ruled the reason behind death to be suicide. Baker’s household, however, is asserting that particular details do not make sense and are currently calling for a broader investigation.

The household has requested civil rights attorney Ben Crump to undergo the attempts after the Orlando Police Department advised the Orlando Sentinel that they have”exhausted all direct” from the event and found no signs of foul play.

Among the findings which possess the household questions is if the 22-year old’s hands were tied to his back. The Orlando PD’s report nevertheless cites nothing regarding Baker’s palms when the 3 officers cut him down in the tree. The case report claims that the officers tried to”render help.” After not having a heartbeat, they declared him dead in 3:56 a.m.

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Crump also said that a number of Baker’s teeth were lost and his face was rigged. With all the attempts supporting #JusticeForNevan, Crump and Baker’s family expect the additional stress will bring them nearer to the reality.

“We are not going to let this go,” explained Sharhonda James into the Orlando Sentinel, She’s Baker’s mom and doesn’t think her son killed himself. She believes the harms to her kid’s face signify something else should have occurred. “The neighborhood isn’t likely to let this go” 

Baker’s body was found at approximately 3:30 a.m. at Barker Park on October 5. A witness allegedly told authorities he was walking his dog if he broke loose. Since the guy chased his puppy he recognized he had been barking at something at the playground. When he grabbed up the guy discovered his pet barking in a body which has been dangling from a string. At first, the guy says that he did not believe it was actual.

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The opinion took his dog into a local house where his ex-girlfriend was remaining and caught a flashlight and a telephone. She returned into the scene and saw Baker’s body dangling. They alerted authorities and waited for officials to get there to be able to show his entire body.

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