One Piece’s Connection to Wano – One Piece Chapter 1040 Discussion

One Piece's Connection to Wano
One Piece's Connection to Wano

One Piece chapter 1040 is out on the official websites and it had an interesting monologue from one of the Emperors Big Mom. After her defeat against the pair of Law and Kid, she cursed Roger for kickstarting this era that possibly lead to her demise.

According to her, this wouldn’t have happened if Roger hadn’t announced One Piece to the world. Big Mom wanted him to atleast tell the world what One Piece is. She wonders if there’s a connection between One Piece to Wano. It seems like Oda is hinting towards the possibility of One Piece being in this country. Is it possible? Let’s find out.

One Piece's Connection to Wano
One Piece’s Connection to Wano

One Piece’s Connection With Wano – Is It Within the Country?

So far, we don’t know about the exact contents of One Piece. Moreover, we don’t even know what it is. Is it a tangible product, information, or something else? Nobody knows apart from Roger and his crew. But of course, one thing we know is that Roger laughed after finding One Piece.

One Piece's Connection to Wano
One Piece’s Connection to Wano

It makes it certain that One Piece describes a certain incident that is associated with JoyBoy. However, we aren’t entirely sure if that’s all of One Piece. There has to be something more than just a story because it is something that World Government doesn’t want anyone to get their hands on.

It is also possible that Big Mom was just hinting about a piece of One Piece being hidden on these islands. As we already know, Laughtale is the place where the grand treasure resides and it won’t make sense for it to be in the country of Wano.

It’s either that one of the components of One Piece is in the country or the obvious one is one of the four roads Poneglyphs is in Wano which we already know. Whatever the case may be, it is now evident that Wano is going to play a huge role in the future when it comes to the identity of One Piece.

JoyBoy’s Connection to Wano and One Piece

JoyBoy has been one of the most mysterious characters of the series with the mention of his name by various characters from time to time. He is a relic of the past, but he is still relevant even in this era. JoyBoy was the person who probably led the ancient kingdom in the fight against World Government.

Recently we also found that Zunesha was a companion of JoyBoy and he was punished for a crime he committed 800 years ago. All these revelations coming in the Wano arc itself are a huge hint that Wano has some major connection to One Piece. Hopefully, in the upcoming chapters, I’ll uncover more information on this.

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