Why Kaido from One Piece is impossible to defeat?

Why Kaido from One Piece is impossible to defeat?
One Piece's Kaido is impossible to defeat?

“If it’s one vs one, always bet on Kaido”. This statement made by Eiichiro Oda some 200 chapters ago still stands relevant even to this date. The One Piece chapter 1013 has again portrayed why this emperor of the sea is called “Strongest Creature in the World”. He humbled Luffy in their 2nd bout in the recent chapter just when it looked like Luffy was going to dismantle him from the position of the strongest creature.

Kaido is once again showing why no one should take him lightly and test his strength. He accumulated defeats in the past but no record suggests any one vs one victory over him. So what is it that makes Kaido such a formidable foe?

In this article, we are going to lay down some of the facts that back the argument of this blog and discuss How will Luffy defeat Kaido? Who can beat Kaido? Is Kaido stronger than Blackbeard, Big Mom, Whitebeard, Shanks? Let’s see Why Kaido from One Piece is impossible to defeat.

One Piece’s Kaido is impossible to defeat?

His Devil Fruit

Kaido has eaten the fruit called “Fish-Fish Fruit” which allows him to become a dragon. The devil fruit was given to him by Big Mom back during the God Valley incident. Because of its power, Kaido’s durability has increased tenfolds. The fish scales covering his body possess high strength and provides impregnable durability.

We’ve seen throughout the series how difficult it is to pierce through the skin of this emperor. You can only hurt him if you can use Ryou, coat yourself with CoC, or cause internal damage. According to Kaido, there is a handful of an individual capable of hurting him which pretty much narrows down the list of his potential competitors.

His Conqueror’s Haki

Kaido is among very few individuals who possess the Conqueror’s Haki. However, there is an element to it we found in the last few chapters. Apparently, you can coat yourself with CoC to deliver much more deadly strikes to the opponent. Kaido is capable of doing it and among a very tiny amount of people that can harness this power.

Why Kaido From One Piece Is Impossible To Defeat
Kaido Defeats Luffy

His Will

Kaido has a pretty complex relationship with death. He has been deliberately attempting to pull off various ways of dying but none seem to be working. It may be his will to live or he just wants to fight off stronger opponents.

In any case, we can’t deny the fact that Kaido’s will far surpasses other stronger characters in One Piece. How we can confirm it? If you remember, Haki is a manifestation of someone’s will and in Kaido’s case, he possesses huge amounts of it.

So it’s pretty clear that if you need to defeat Kaido, you must have a better will than him.

His Combat Arsenal

There’s no limit to Kaido’s attack and each one of them can drastically damage the opponents. Take Thunder Bagua for instance which is his most frequently used attack. This attack was not only capable of one-shotting Luffy but also Kozuki Oden who was one of the strongest characters at his time.

And it just starts from here. We’ve seen some crazy attacks delivered by Kaido in the rooftop battle that has made supernovas unsettle.

Why Kaido From One Piece Is Impossible To Defeat
Kaido Using Thunder Bagua

Add his hybrid form to the present arsenal and his strength elevates to another level. It is also possible that Kaido probably has fruit awakening stored within him which we may say in the next chapters.

All of these things point to only one thing, Kaido can’t get defeated one vs one at this point. You have to be crazily strong and surpass Kaido in all the mentioned aspects above to stand a chance against him.

Will Luffy be able to beat Kaido one vs one? What will be the reaction of the world when the strongest creature falls? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. We share One Piece related content on our social media accounts too so make sure to follow us.

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