One Piece Film Red New Trailer Drops! More Plot Revealed

One Piece Film Red New Trailer Drops! More Plot Revealed
One Piece Film Red New Trailer Drops! More Plot Revealed

The upcoming movie for the One Piece series called Film Red just had its second teaser trailer dropped. The first trailer for the movie was released back when the 1000th episode of the anime series was released. The announcement itself was made at the same time.

In the latest trailer, we’ve discovered some new information that depending on how you see it could rock the story of One Piece. However, there’s still no confirmation whether this part of the story is canon or not. Let’s discuss One Piece Film Red and what we learned from its recent trailer.

One Piece Film Red New Trailer Drops! More Plot Revealed

One Piece Film Red Trailer Reveals New Information

The biggest takeout from the latest trailer is that focus of the movie is a girl named Utah. Apparently, Utah is the daughter of Shanks. Though, we don’t know if she’s a biological daughter or an adoptive one. But still, it’s a pretty big deal considering we know close to nothing about Shank’s family.

Apart from Utah, we saw some shots of the other characters including Shanks and Luffy. It seems like the main focus of the story is going to be Utah and Shanks might have a very little appearance. Although considering the name of the movie, you’d think otherwise.

In any case, we are expecting to learn more about Shanks through the movie. Though non-canon, it’s still vital because Oda has been directly involved in the production of the movie. Who knows, maybe One Piece Film Red might just become the first One Piece movie to have canon material.

One Piece Film Red New Trailer Drops! More Plot Revealed

Who is Utah?

From the new trailer, we learn that Utah is Shank’s daughter. She seems to have done something and Luffy is on his way to confront her. In his exact words, Luffy says that if Shanks finds Utah is doing this, Shanks won’t keep quiet.

Shanks is also seen telling Utah that they might be apart but she will always remain his daughter. It is probably an indication that Utah is probably his adopted daughter. He also tells her that there’s no equality in this world.

We also learn that Utah is the biggest diva in the world with her voice being popular in the world. Apart from that, we don’t know much. By the looks of her, she looks to be around the same age as Luffy but we will have to wait for more trailers.

Who Are Other Characters in Movie?

Apart from Shanks, Luffy, and Utah, we also saw the appearance of other characters. Sakazuki, the fleet admiral of the navy will also be part of the movie. Apart from him, some of the members of Luffy’s fleet including Bartolomev will also be there.

Apart from them, some recurring characters from the side of the Navy as well as pirate groups are also going to make an entrance in the movie. It seems like Shanks will have an extended appearance and we will see him more than what we usually see in the canon story.

What are your expectations from One Piece Film Red? Let us know in the comments. For more updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media. One Piece is a weekly manga series that is available to read on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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