One Piece Episode 995 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

One Piece Episode 995 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
One Piece Episode 995 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

One Piece is one of the most popular ongoing anime series which is a direct adaptation of the manga of the same name. Produced by Toei Animation Studio, One Piece has been running for over more than 2 decades.

The story of One Piece centers on the world of piracy where pirates from every corner of the world sail Grand Line in search of a treasure called One Piece. Our protagonist Monkey D. Luffy is among those and on his quest to discover this treasure and in doing so become King of the Pirates. Let’s talk about One Piece episode 995 spoilers, recap, release date, and time.

One Piece Episode 995 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

One Piece Episode 994 Recap

In One Piece episode 994 recap, Big Mom arrives on the live floor and finally gets the hold of Zeus. Kaido then tells everyone that he has formed an alliance with Big Mom and they are both going to look for One Piece and ancient weapons.

Unexpected Betrayal

Kaido then addresses Orochi’s followers and asks them to decide. He wants to turn the entire Onigashima and Flower Capital into the stronghold for pirates. Orochi is obviously against it since Flower Capital belongs to him.

He argues with Kaido on this matter who just remains silent on the floor. King hands over his sword to Kaido. The emperor slashes the head of Shogun shocking everybody present on the floor. He declares that neither Kuzorumi nor Kozuki matters to him.

Unexpected Betrayal

Farewell Traitor

Outside, Kiku and Kanjuro battle out with each other. Kanjuro knows all of Kiku’s attacks so he’s able to dodge them. He deceives Okiku on various occasions by playing the emotional card. Kiku goes through a rollercoaster of emotions as she fights against her former comrade.

The moment finally arrives and Kiku finishes off the traitor. All the scabbards gather around weeping on the death of their former colleague. However, they must move on as there’s something bigger on the stake that lies ahead.

One Piece Episode 995 Spoilers

In One Piece episode 995 spoilers, Fukorokuju and Hotei are the first ones to surrender to Kaido. Other samurai groups follow them and bend to Kaido. Just like that, the entire manpower issue gets resolved as stated by Big Mom.

My Name

Kaido moves on to Momo and asks him what his name is. If he wasn’t Oden’s son, his execution will be called off. Momonosuke thinks back to the moments with his father and yells his name Kozuki Momonosuke loud and clear.

Meanwhile, Luffy finally takes off Yamato’s cuffs and they explode immediately. The party sees an interruption as the Akazaya infiltrates the Live Floor. All of them come at Kaido together combined and stab Kaido.

Beginning of Raid

Beginning of the Raid

The raid finally starts with the attacks from Akazaya. They pierce through the body of Kaido using Ryou. Hyogoro and others take arms and start the fight with Kaido’s underlings. Big Mom spots Luffy but Luffy doesn’t have time to play with her.

One of the subordinates informs Queens that invaders are coming left and right. All prisoners from Udon, Trafalgar Law and for some reason, Marco and Perospero have come to Wano. Luffy states it’s an all-out war and he is going to beat everyone up.

One Piece Episode 995 Watch Online

One Piece Episode 995 will be available to watch online on Crunchyroll and Funimation for English subs. Subscribe to these services to stream all episodes of One Piece.

One Piece Episode 995 Release Date and Time

Hers is One Piece episode 995 release date and time.

  • Japan – 6:00 AM, October 10th
  • USA/Canada – 00:00 AM, October 10th
  • India – 8:00 AM, October 10th
  • UK – 6:00 AM, October 10th
  • CES (Europe) – 7:00 AM, October 10th

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One Piece Episode 995 Preview
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