One Piece Episode 982 Release Date, Spoilers, and Preview

One Piece Episode 982 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time
One Piece Episode 982 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Based on the manga series of the same name, One Piece is one of the highly popular anime series. The anime is produced by Toei Animation with more than 980 episodes already aired. In One Piece Episode 982 release date, we will find more about the upcoming episodes.

One Piece centers on Monkey D. Luffy a young energetic pirate who desires to become king of the pirates. In his quest, he is accompanied by his crewmates. Luffy goes from Island to Island in pursuit of One Piece and defeats all formidable foes he meets along the way. Let’s take a look at One Piece Episode 982 spoilers, release date, and time.

One Piece Episode 982 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

One Piece Episode 981 Recap

In the One Piece Episode 981 recap, Jinbe has returned and he is ready to officially join the crew. With him, the crew now has a well-versed helmsman. All Strawhat members are happy to see Jinbe return.

Jinbe’s Return

Luffy is delighted to see Jinbe return after they left him on Whole cake island. He had to treat the injuries of the remaining Sun Pirates, hence he got late. Luffy remembers the moments in the past where he found Jinbe and how they worked together.

He is extremely happy to see him return. Other members too show their care for Jinbe by hugging him. To celebrate this occasion, Luffy suggests they hold a party. However, they’ve run out of wine. Zoro smells wine from the direction of Onigashima, suggesting they will have to go there to find some booze. On One Piece episode 982 release date, we will learn more about this.

Jinbe’s Return

Law’s Plan

Over at Law’s ship, Shishillion arrives and asks to let him take the lead of Minks. Meanwhile, Hyogoro will take the samurais in his hands. Kinemon lays down the plan of infiltrating Onigashima. But the plan is pretty ordinary. Law intercepts and tells the actual plan. He says that Luffy and Kid will rampage through the front gate and act as a decoy.

After that, the samurais divided into two groups will flee in left and right direction. They will also act as a decoy. He will take Akazaya from underwater and transport them directly into Kaido’a den. On the other hand, Luffy and his crew destroy Beast Pirates located at the gate of Onigashima.

One Piece Episode 982 Spoilers

In One Piece Episode 982 spoilers, after wiping out troops located on the gate, Strawhats loot the food and booze. Kinemon and others rejoice as they’ve just defeated one big hurdle in their plans.

To Onigashima

Strawhats have a booze party for the return on Jinbe. Meanwhile, Kinemon and Samurais advance to reach Onigashima. From the back Kid’s ship arrives as he vows to defeat Kaido. He holds a huge grudge against him for what he did to Killer.

Luffy gets back up as he doesn’t want to get left behind by Kid. Everyone packs up and gets ready to sail to Onigashima. On One Piece episode 982 release date, we can see them departing for Onigashima.

Tobi Roppo

Queen begins the party with all the Beast Pirates. On the other hand, inside the castle, Kaido asks the location of his son. One of his underlings informs that Tobi Roppo has arrived. Kaido wants to introduce them to Big Mom.

Tobi Roppo

The group of Strawhats, samurais, and other pirates finally get inside Onigashima. Ussop spots some lookouts and puts them to sleep. Jinbe worries that with this huge number of ships, the enemy will be alerted. However, Kinemon and others sink their ships. They don’t have any intention of going back. Akazaya and Samurais have come only for a single purpose, to defeat Kaido.

One Piece Episode 982 Watch Online

One Piece Episode 982 watch online on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Both of these services require a subscription to stream the episode.

One Piece Episode 982 Release Date and Time

Here is the One Piece Episode 981 release date and time.

  • Japan – 6:00 AM, July 11th
  • USA/Canada – 00:00 AM, July 11th
  • India – 8:00 AM, July 11th
  • UK – 6:00 AM, July 11th
  • CES (Europe) – 7:00 AM, July 11th

Can Samurais successfully breach through Onigashima? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. For more One Piece content, make sure to follow us on social media.

One Piece Episode 982 Preview

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