One Piece Episode 973 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch

One Piece Episode 973 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch
One Piece Episode 973 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch

For rebelling against Shogun, Oden and 9 scabbards’ fate now lies in the pot of boiled oil. Sentenced to death, these people will now have to go through the most gruesome experience. However, Oden has proposed a deal that can keep them alive but it’s going to be a daunting task for him. One Piece Episode 973 will cover the story of Kozuki Oden as he tries his level best to protect his vassals.

One Piece is a Japanese manga series created by Eichiro Oda. Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga has been in the stores for more than 20 years. One Piece tells the story of a young boy who aspires to become King of the Pirates. In doing so he meets various people who become his crewmates and share synonymous dreams with him.

The release date and time for the upcoming episode are out. Read the article below to find out everything you need to know about One Piece episode 973.

One Piece Episode 973 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch
One Piece Episode 973

What is Release Date for One Piece Episode 973?

One Piece Episode 973 is set to release on 9th May 2021. The episode is titled “Boiled to Death” and will see Tomohiro Nakayama in the director’s role for it. With the storyboarding by Satoshi Ito, One Piece episode 973 will hit the screens next Sunday. Note down the timing of release for the upcoming segment of One Piece anime.

  • Japan – 6:00 AM, May 9th
  • USA/Canada – 00:00 AM, May 9th
  • India – 8:00 AM, May 9th
  • UK – 6:00 AM, May 9th
  • CES (Europe) – 7:00 AM, May 9th

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 973?

In Japan, One Piece anime airs on Fuji Television. Meanwhile, fans across the globe can use Crunchyroll or Funimation for online streaming access to One Piece episode 973 which will be releasing this Sunday.

What are Spoilers from One Piece Episode 973?

One Piece Episode 973 will cover one of the best chapters of the manga in the Wano arc. Here are the spoilers from the next episode.

Sentenced to Boil

Kaido accepts Oden’s request and tells him if they survive one hour, he will pardon their crime. Oden goes into the pot alone and to protect his vassals by carrying them over the lid of the pot. One hour passes and Oden survives.

One Piece Episode 973 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch
Sentenced to Boil

Oden’s Death

Despite surviving for an hour, Kaido breaks the deal. The scabbards jump out of the lead and run away on Oden’s command. Meanwhile, Shinobu tells everyone that Oden was dancing to protect the citizens of Wano. Kaido shoots Oden and he dies heroically.

Quick Recap of One Piece Episode 972

With an epic fight between Oden and Kaido, episode 972 delivered some astonishing moments. Let’s get a quick recap of what happened in the latest episode of One Piece.

One Piece Episode 973 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch
Kaido vs Oden

Kaido vs Oden

Oden and Kaido finally face off against each other. Kaido breathes fire on Oden however to his surprise, Oden comes out unscathed. Oden uses his signature attack to slash Kaido and leave a permanent scar on his body. Kaido succumbs to his base form.

Just as Oden goes to finish him off, he gets distracted by Higurashi who pretends to be Momonosuke. Taking advantage of the situation, Kaido surprise attacks Oden, thus defeating him.

The Punishment

For the crime of rebelling against Orochi, Oden along with his vassals are sentenced to boil. Just as they prepare for the execution, Oden proposes a deal to Kaido.

Will Oden die boiling to death? Is there any possibility of Oden surviving through this horrific experience? Let us know your opinions down in the comment section. Also, make sure to follow our social media to get constant updates related to One Piece.

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