One Piece Episode 966 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

One Piece Episode 966 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap
One Piece Episode 966 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

We are on the ride of nostalgia right now with the ongoing arc of One Piece. In the last episode of the anime, we saw a tremendous clash between Roger and Whitebeard. Fans were eager to see how that fight will progress; however, they will have to wait another week as the episode is delayed.

One Piece is the highest-selling manga series in history, with several chapters spanning more than 1000. Right now, anime is over 965 episodes old and in the best possible state. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the next One Piece episode 966, to find out what happens next. Read below as we discuss the release date and spoilers for One Piece episode 966.

One Piece Episode 966 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap
One Piece Episode 966
ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from the One Piece anime. Read ahead at your own discretion!

One Piece Episode 966 Release Date

Since the episode for this week got delayed, we will be getting the upcoming episode on Sunday next week. The official release date for One Piece episode 966 is March 21st, 2021. You can access the episode on various online streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.

As for the release time for the episode, it can vary depending on your region. Note down the timings below for different countries.

  • Japan – 6:00 AM, March 21st
  • USA/Canada – 00:00 AM, March 21st
  • India – 8:00 AM, March 21st
  • UK – 6:00 AM, March 21st
  • CES (Europe) – 7:00 AM, March 21st

One Piece Episode 966 Spoilers

One Piece anime follows the manga, so we already know the spoilers of the next episode. Read below to know what will happen in the One Piece episode 966 spoilers.

Roger Pirates vs Whitebeard Pirates

In the last episode, we saw a collision between Whitebeard and Roger. They will continue their fight in episode 966 as the face-off between groups lasts three days and three nights. Now in the manga fight is off-screened, but we don’t know how they will handle it in the anime.

From the preview, it seems like we may see some battles between commanders. However, nothing is inevitable before the official release.

Roger Pirates vs Whitebeard Pirates
Roger Pirates vs Whitebeard Pirates

Post Battle Conversation

A conversation takes place between the trio of Roger, Whitebeard, and Oden. Roger mentions he’s finding Road Poneglyphs to uncover the hidden island. During the conversation, he finds out Oden knows how to read these Ponegylphs. Roger asks Whitebeard to let him recruit Oden. Whitebeard declines initially but agrees later. Oden leaves Whitebeard Pirate to accompany Roger on his final voyage.

What Happened in One Piece Episode 965?

Quick Recap: The big chunk of the episode was filled with the backstory of Orochi. We discovered some helpful information in his past, including the history of Wano. At the end of the episode, we saw a clash between Roger and Whitebeard.

Orochi’s Backstory

We see Orochi running away from some people who are trying to kill him. While running, he stumbles upon an empty house. When entering, he encounters an old lady. The old lady tells some history about Orochi’s clan and the reason why they’re banished from Wano. Orochi discovers the truth and pledges that he will become Shogun. The old lady shows the power of the clone-clone fruit and gives a new devil fruit to Orochi.

After some time, Oden’s father (Old lady disguised as him) falls ill and tells Orochi to act as a temporary Shogun. Orochi accepts and promises to serve until Oden returns

Whitebeard and Roger Meet

Whitebeard Pirates notice fishes getting away from an island. Upon reaching close, they discover that even animals of the island are restless. It turns out it’s Roger Pirates who are on the island. On seeing the sight of pirates, Oden marches towards them. Roger and Oden clash. Roger sends Oden far away in a single hit. Oden tries to make a reattempt at fighting Roger; however, he sees Whitebeard approaching Roger. The episode ends with Roger and Whitebeard clashing.

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