One Piece Episode 1005 Summary – New Oni, Luffy’s Ascendance, and Scabbard’s First Casualty

One Piece Episode 1005 Summary
One Piece Episode 1005 Summary

One Piece’s episode 1005 is out and from its summary, we can conclude that it was one heck of an episode. Based on the manga series of the same name, One Piece is one of the longest-running anime series procured by Toei Animation Studios. It’s currently on the Wano country arc where Strawhats are fighting Kaido’s crew.

On the rooftop, The Scabbards have given a tough fight to Kaido. They surprised him with the use of a two-sword style adapted from Oden. Meanwhile, in the Flower Capital, things are looking good for the people. However, no one can predict how long the happiness can last considering the ongoing fight. Let’s discuss One Piece episode 1005 summary and break down events that occurred in it.

One Piece Episode 1005 Summary
One Piece Episode 1005 Summary

One Piece Episode 1005 Summary – New Oni

Queen, one of the top officers is absolutely ferocious with hai attempts to take down the enemy. The scientific genius doesn’t even differentiate between friends and foes and keeps on piercing Oni bullets through everyone within the sight. It only leads us to believe that to him, the fodder pirates are just expendable.

With the bullets inside, people on the live floor start experiencing the transformation. Their bodies slowly turned into ice making them ice demons. They mindlessly attack people beside them and it turns into chaos. Queen laughs at the situation and enjoys it as he savors the scene from the top.

Luffy’s Ascendance

Luffy and Sanji tag along with each other and clear the way for Luffy to reach on the rooftop and assist the Scabbards in fighting Kaido. Sanji doesn’t want Luffy to deal with the fodder because he wants him to preserve strength. However, Luffy knows only one way to progress and that is fighting your way through it.

Jinbe arrives to help the duo clear headliner who had been engaged in the battle with them. Luffy and Sanji both get overwhelmed by his strength but Sanji doesn’t like the fact that the new guy is commanding things. He wants to establish a certain hierarchy and let Jinbe know that he has been there for a long time. Jinbe like a good sport takes it lightly.

Scabbard’s First Casualty

On the rooftop, the Scabbards cheer, presuming that the beast in front of them has been stained. However, little do they know about the durability of this giant creature. He’s known as the strongest creature in the world and certainly won’t go down this easily. As Scabbards start celebrating their victory, Kaido regroups himself.

Kaido gets back up and says that none of them are capable of executing strength like Oden. Their attacks are too shallow to do any kind of major damage. Kaido uses invisible slashes which end up slashing one of Kiku’s arms.

One Piece Episode 1006 – What to Expect

From the preview, it is clear that the next episode will revolve around Chopper and Queen’s interaction. Chopper as a doctor can’t see people toying with life and death and Queen using Oni demon bullets as a way of amusement has certainly triggered him. He can no longer take it and will definitely strike at Queen.

One Piece Episode 1005 Summary
One Piece Episode 1005 Summary

As quite an expert in medics, Chopper will likely find the cure for this Oni effect. However, how and when is a bigger question here. If it is not cured as early as possible, the person will exhaust all of their life energy and end up dead. So Chopper will have to develop something extraordinary in a very limited time. Will he be able to do it? We will find out in the next episode.

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