One Piece Episode 1003 Summary – Akayazaya’s Last Stand, Queen’s Poison Bullets

One Piece Episode 1003 Summary – Akayazaya’s Last Stand, Queen’s Poison Bullets, and Much More
One Piece Episode 1003 Explained

As one of the most popular anime series to ever exist, One Piece has managed to remain relevant over these years. In fact, its fan following has only increased with the consistent story writing quality of Eiichiro Oda which is getting translated into an anime adaptation.

Following the story of Money D. Luffy, One Piece takes place in the world of pirates. Their goal? Find One Piece. Why? To become King of the pirates. Luffy is among the many ruffians however, he’s different from the rest. With his crewmates beside him, Luffy sails in the winds of Grand Line to look for One Piece. Let’s see what we have today in the One Piece episode 1003 discussion.

One Piece Episode 1003 Explained

One Piece Episode 1003 Summary – Akayazaya’s Last Stand

The Scabbards are giving their all in this excruciating fight against Beast Pirates. Kaido, they’re ultimate for stands in front of him with a monstrous glare. However, the Akayaza aren’t a bit afraid of him and ready to sacrifice their life to save Wano and fulfill the dream of their lord.

One Piece Episode 1003

They’ve achieved some significant success after subduing the threat of Jack. Both Nekomamushi and Inuarashi using their Sulong Forms have put an end to Jack. Of course, Kaido doesn’t want his one of the favorite men to suffer more so he tells him to withdraw.

Like a ferocious beast, Kaido shouldn’t be underestimated and Akazaya understands this fact. That’s why they’ve come prepared this time around. Kaido uses his usual fire breathing, however, to his surprise, Kinemon cuts the fire and initiates the final fight between his group and “Strongest Creature in the World”.

One Piece Episode 1003 Breakdown

Queen’s Poison Bullets

The tech genius Queen has caused havoc in the live dome. Using his Gatling gun, he fired several bullets on the samurai down below. Some of them even hit the Beast Pirates. But does he care? Absolutely not.

To him, they are just expendable lives but taking care of the enemy in front of them takes the largest precedence. The bullets that he fired contained the poison of the Oni demon. This poison slowly turns people into ice demons.

Some of the samurai are already beginning to show the signs with half of their body already frozen in ice. Unfortunately, it has also caught big figures like Hyogoro the Flower which will certainly cause a dent in the strength of Samurai’s side.

However, their resolve is still strong and they’re willing to give up their lives for the sake of Wano. Even if they die, they will die in glory and by fighting against the monsters of the world. The chopper will likely play a crucial role here curing people affected by this poison.

One Piece Episode 1003 – Akayazaya’s Last Stand, Queen’s Poison Bullets, and Much More

Dead Men Tell No Lies

Big Mom rolled out of the live dome where she meets Perospero. As planned before, he proposes breaking off the alliance with Kaido, but Big Mom has some other plans. She reassures Perospero that she will indeed become King of the Pirates.

With that sorted out, Marco and Perospero’s short alliance comes to halt. Marco doesn’t really have much to say on this since he was expecting this. Big Mom and Marco interact with each other where she calls him a remnant of Whitebeard.

However, Marco doesn’t agree with this. He tells her that he along with other Whitebeard pirates are no longer bound to the orders of their pops. They are free people and can do whatever they want in their own way.

He proceeds to attack Big Mom as it looks to be a clash between the strongest woman in the world and the first commander of the former strongest man in the world. This is certainly going to be an interesting fight.

What was your favorite moment from One Piece episode 1003? Let us know down in the comments. For more One Piece, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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