One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown

One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown
One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown

One Piece chapter 1041 raw scans are here and they’ve told us about what to expect in the upcoming chapters. Luffy and Kaido, two of the strongest people on Onigashima are fighting their hearts out and both of them are almost on the brink of exhaustion.

Other development involves the situation in Onigashima and how far are we till Onigashima lands in the flower Capital. Let’s dissect what happened in the latest chapter of One Piece as we discuss One Piece chapter 1041 breakdown.

One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown
One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown

One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown – Komurasaki

The chapter of the name itself is Komurasaki but there’s just a little scene of her. We first start with Momonosuke who tells Yamato that Zunesha informed him that he has come to help him and awaits his command. He also tells her that Oden tore out some of the vital pieces of his journal.

Momo wonders if it is the right decision to open up the borders of the country. Back to Raizo vs Fukorukuju, we learn that Raizo has been declared the winner. As for Orochi, he is furious after the defeat of  Fukorukuju and finds it annoying that Komurasaki is still playing the instrument.

The Other Battle

Orochi asks her to remove the mask and show her identity. He gets caught up beneath the rubble and is unable to move. Orochi asks for her help and realizes that he is unable to turn into a dragon. Komurasaki reveals her identity as Hiyori and tells Orochi that he won’t be able to transform since she used a sea stone.

On to the fight between izou and CP0 agents, one of the agents is defeated and the other is severely injured. However, Izou too falls as he gets knocked out. The one CP0 member who is still intact receives an order from their boss.

Order to Eliminate

The order is to now eliminate Luffy at all cost and it is directly from the Gorosei. The CP0 agent feels like it’s pointless since he will have to intervene in the battle of two monsters. However, he has no other choice is the priority is Luffy.

On the rooftop, Kaido learns about Big Mom’s defeat and has a brief flashback where Big Mom asks him his age and tells him her ambition to become King of the seas. Kaido uses another attack and Luffy counters it using his new attack Snakeman: Hydra. Luffy tells him that he doesn’t want to listen to his dreams and he will kick him out of Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown
One Piece Chapter 1041 Breakdown

One Piece Chapter 1042 – What to Expect

You can One Piece chapter 1042 to continue with the fight between Luffy and Kaido. Since Big Mom is defeated, it won’t be long before Kaido bites the dust as well. However, there remains a possibility of Kaido’s flashback which will tell us about the history of Rocks.

We may also find more about Laughtale and its relation to Wano. However, there isn’t much in scope as Oden already tore off most of the pages from the journal. Hopefully, this arc will give us hints to as what One Piece exactly is.

One Piece Chapter 1041 – Where to Read

You can read One Piece chapter 1041 on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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