One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks, Spoilers & more

One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks and Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks and Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1039 leaks are out and we have discovered tons of interesting things from it. As speculated earlier, it mostly focused on the ongoing fight between Supernovas and Emperor. There was also an interesting bit between Momonosuke and an unknown presence in the recent chapter.

One Piece is an ongoing manga series currently being published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Japan. It revolves around the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, a young energetic boy who wants to become King of the Pirates. Luffy fights various strong pirates on the Grand Line and gradually approaches his goal. Let’s discuss One Piece chapter 1039 leaks.

One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks and Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks – The Cover Page

For this week, the cover story doesn’t involve anything related to Germa 66. So far, Oda was doing a short cover story of Germa 66’s escape from Big Mom and their situation after Luffy and co had left Whole cake Island. However, we haven’t seen anything from them this time around.

In the last chapter, we saw the two Germa 66 brothers being captured in the book of creatures and nothing else apart from that. For this week, we see Strawhat Pirates walking through the dense forest looking for adventure. This may suggest that it’s an end of Germa 66 cover story and we might get a new one.

An Unknown Voice

Kaido has been lifting Onigashima for a while now thanks to his clouds. However, he too has reached his limit and may drop off the island on the Flower Capital anytime soon. Momonosuke on the other hand is on the mission to ensure that Onigashima doesn’t fall.

He too has been conjuring the clouds and trying to prevent Kaido from lifting the island. It has been challenging for him, but he’s doing it gradually. In the leaks, we learned that Momonosuke is hearing a certain voice from an unknown individual. We may get more clarity on this when the chapter gets out.

One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks and Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1039 Leaks and Spoilers

Bone Crushing Attacks

For the first time in the series, Big Mom has gotten gravely injured, thanks to the duo of Supernovas. Their attacks were so powerful that they crushed her bones. However, it’s not enough to get rid of an emperor. Using the power of her devil fruit, she recovers immediately.

Law uses his final attack and puts everything he has within him to execute it. Its power scale is too much. In fact, because of this attack, not only Onigashima but the entire Wanokuni gets affected. However, as they say, you can’t defeat an emperor that easily.

 Big Mom vs Kid

With Law’s final attack, his energy is exhausted and now it’s all up to Kid to deal a finishing blow. Big Mom goes on to challenge Kid to a fight, having recognized his strength. She asks him if he could defeat an emperor like Big Mom.

Kid finally brings out his Trump card which he was probably hiding for this opportunity. It’s an electromagnetic cannon and he fires it towards Big Mom, which causes a huge blow. This attack causes severe injuries to her and he yells that Big Mom’s era ends now.

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