One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers Reddit, Predictions, and Theories

One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers Reddit, Predictions, and Theories
One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers Reddit, Predictions, and Theories

One Piece chapter 1017 raw scans just came out and they’ve propelled the story to the next level. Oda is a genius and he keeps throwing one curveball after another. This entire raid to Onigashima has been a thrilling ride and it looks like we are approaching its final moments. Everything is falling into place and big players are making their moves.

The center of all of it is of course our protagonist Luffy who’s recovering right now. Zoro is also getting treatment from Chopper while Sanji is battling against Queen. We have had a lot of stuff in the latest chapter and the next chapter will likely be a blast. Let’s find out One Piece chapter 1018 spoilers Reddit, predictions, and theories.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers Reddit, Predictions, and Theories

One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers Reddit

For One Piece chapter 1018 spoilers Reddit, we don’t have any information available yet. Usually, the spoilers do come out 1-2 days before the official release. Since there’s no break this week, you can expect the spoilers to come out soon.

Even though spoilers aren’t out, there are many other topics of discussion and few predictions. Let’s find out One Piece chapter 1018 predictions and forecast what’s most likely to occur.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Predictions

Based on what happened in the last chapter, we can draw various plot points that can take place in One Piece chapter 1018 spoilers Reddit. Here are the predictions for the next One Piece chapter.

Jinbe vs Who’s Who

After a long time, we got to see some action between Jinbe and Who’s Who. One of the Tobbiroppo Who’s Who is arguably the strongest of the group. There was also a surprising reveal related to Who’s Who. Both of the individuals are fighting on equal footing. It seems like the next chapter will continue the fight between the two.

Jinbe vs Who’s Who

At this point, it’s difficult to determine who is going to win. Who’s Who is surely a ferocious opponent and Jinbe is the former warlord of the sea himself. Atleast now they will be fighting 1 on 1 since gifters are infighting. We may see the result of this battle in upcoming chapters.

Luffy’s Return

A small snippet from the latest chapter revealed Luffy currently getting treatment from Heart Pirates. He will recover soon and once again go to compete with Kaido. It is speculated that Onigashima may have already dropped in the Flower Capital by the time he regains his consciousness.

We are also unsure about what kind of new weapon Luffy will bring out next. Most likely, we will see the introduction of Gear 5 in the rematch against Kaido. Hopefully, One Piece chapter 1018 spoilers Reddit will provide us answer to this question.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Theories

We got two reveals in the last chapter of One Piece and both are interesting ones. One is related to Luffy’s devil fruit and another related to Queen’s past.

Why is Luffy’s Devil Fruit Important?

Who’s Who revealed that he was a member of CP9. However, he was imprisoned because he failed a certain assignment. He was tasked to protect Gomu-Gomu no Mi which was taken by Shanks. From Shanks it reached Luffy.

Why is Luffy’s Devil Fruit Important?

It implies that the devil fruit is not a regular one. If World Government wanted to secure it, it must be this fruit has some significance. Maybe it was possessed by JoyBoy or has some invincible awakening power.


We also learned that Queen was once part of the group called MADS. This is the first time in One Piece that we are hearing about this group. Also, it looks like Sanji had prior knowledge about this group and the Judge was involved in it.

It is the possibility that Queen and Judge once worked together in this group and who knows maybe Vegapunk was also it’s a member. It certainly is an intriguing reveal and we will likely find more about it in the upcoming chapters.

Who are your predictions for the next chapter? Let us know down in the comments. For more One Piece updates, make sure to follow us on social media.

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