One Piece Chapter 1015 Recap, Theories and Discussion

The scanlations for One Piece chapter 1015 have just come out and the latest release of the series was nothing less than fire. Titled “Chains”, One Piece chapter 1015 provided a status on Luffy’s health as well as the current position of the alliance faction.

As most of the fans expected, Luffy was saved but he’s still unconscious. On the other hand, Sanji has finally arrived for the aid of Chopper. He will likely engage in a fight against Queen. There is so much to catch up on in the latest chapter. Let’s check out One Piece chapter 1015 recap, theories, and discussion.

One Piece Chapter 1015 Recap, Theories and Discussion

Who Saved Luffy?

Fans found the answer to the biggest question from the last chapter. It was none other than Law’s crew who spotted Luffy drowning in the water and saved him. They were on their way to Flower Capital, underwater in the submarine. Bepo spotted Luffy and took him inside. As of now, Luffy is safe but still unconscious. We may find more about him in the next chapter.

Who Saved Luffy?

How Are Luffy and Momo Communicating?

In the last chapter, Momo was hearing some voices inside his head. Turns out it was Luffy who was telling him that he hasn’t lost the battle yet. Momo immediately informed everyone about this development within Onigashima. Some of the lost nerves have returned with the news about Luffy.

Both Luffy and Momonosuke possess Voice of All Things. Because of this ability, they can hear what Sea Kings or Zunisha are saying. It looks like similarly, people who possess this ability can talk to each other. Even though Luffy was unconscious, he was still able to communicate a message to Momo.

Sanji vs Queen

Chopper lost his limit while fighting against Queen and was about to go down. However, a kick from Sanji intercepted Queen and he saved Chopper. He asked Chopper to treat Zoro’s injury while he tackles Queen. At last, a big stage is set for Sanji. He was pretty much ridiculed because of his pathetic loss against Black Maria. However, now he has a solid chance at redeeming himself.

What is the Connection Between Queen and Judge?

Connection Between Judge and Queen

Queen called Sanji “Judge’s Brat”. This is the second time in this raid when Queen has shown some associated with Judge. While looking over the bounties of Strawhat, he looked over at Sanji’s name and recalled something about Vinsmoke Judge. There is certainly a relation or some sort of past between Queen and Judge.

Both of them excel in creating scientific tools. It’s possible that at some point, Queen worked along with Judge for some research. They may even have some falling out. Knowing how Queen has genetically modified his devil fruit, it may even be possible for him to be acquainted with Dr. Vegapunk. There are so many possibilities and we hope Oda will tell us more about the backstory of these characters.

One Piece Chapter 1015 Recap
One Piece Chapter 1015 Recap

Is Kinemon Dead?

Many fans thought Kinemon died after Kaido brutally assaulted his head. To everyone’s surprise, there was still some life left in him. Out of desperation, he stabbed Kaido with the sword. However, his attempt was futile. Kinemon remembered some moments from the past with Momonosuke before Kaido stabbed him. It looks like along with Kiku and Kanjuro, Kinemon is also dead.

Will Luffy regain his consciousness in the next chapter? How will the fight between Queen and Sanji Pan out? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

One Piece chapter 1016 release date is 13th June 2021. You can read the chapter on Viz Media and Mangaplus. For more updates on One Piece, make sure to follow us on social media.

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