One Piece Bounties After Wano – The Monster Trio

One Piece Bounties After Wano
One Piece Bounties After Wano

One of the most engaging topics among the One Piece communities has always been the discussion of bounties of Strawhats. Whenever an arc ends, we get to see some progression in the notoriety of the Strawhats and their bounty numbers go up. Once Wano is over, hopefully, their bounties will rise by tenfolds.

Luffy obviously as the leader of the pack will get the biggest boost. Apart from him, Sanji and Zoro are also big contenders since they defeated a couple of big guns. Jinbe is also on the list while Robin’s bounty jump may surprise many. Let’s discuss One Piece Bounties after Wano for Strawhat Pirates.

One Piece Bounties After Wano

One Piece Bounties After Wano – The Monster Trio

The monster trio that consists of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji will have probably the biggest boost in their bounties post Wano arc. Luffy, who is currently fighting the emperor Kaido has a bounty of 1.5 billion berries which is the highest of the crew.

Once Luffy defeats Kaido, his bounty will probably increase by multi folds. Since Kaido’s bounty is over 4 billion, we are expecting Luffy’s numbers to increase by the same amount. It may not be more than Kaido but it will be a lot closer.

On the other hand, Zoro and Sanji will also see a signing raise in their bar. Zoro and Sanji’s current bounties are 320 and 330 million respectively. Both of them each have defeated a person with over a billion bounties. It only indicates that their bounties after Wano will be more than 1 billion berries.

One Piece Bounties After Wano

The Weak Trio

Often known as a weaker trio, Chopper, Usopp, and Nami will also have a significant rise in their bounties. Chopper’s medical expertise got recognition in this arc and this will help him propel his bounty. On the other hand, Nami defeated Ulti which can provide a boost to her numbers as well.

However, the wildest card here is Usopp. Back in Dressrosa, because of his luck, Usopp turned into God Usopp and the rumors made his numbers as high as 200 million berries. Now, the same scenario can occur in this arc as well.

We already saw that Usopp was acting as if he was able to use conquerors haki. If this rumor spreads within the government, they will consider increasing his bounty. Hence, it won’t be surprising if we see Usopp with numbers as high as 500 million.

The Rest of the Crew

As for Jinbe, he defeated Who’s Who in the battle and will surely enjoy the increase in the bounty. We speculate the number to be over 700 to 800 million berries because that matches his capabilities. Franky would likely get the same numbers.

As for Brook, he helped Robin defeat Black Maria, though, he didn’t have much active role in this raid. Still, we could see his bounty get increased by some 100 million. Now for Robin, there are a lot of speculations. The government knows her importance, that’s why they want to kidnap her.

Since the government now deems her as an ultimate threat, she may fall under the 1 billion bracket. Maybe she will surprise everyone after getting bounty even higher than Luffy. But that’s just speculation, we will have to wait and see what happens next.

What do you think Strawhats bounties will be after Wano? Let us know in the comments. For more updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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