One For All Origins Revealed! My Hero Academia Chapter 310 Discussion

One For All Origins Revealed! My Hero Academia Chapter 310 Discussion
One For All Origins Revealed! My Hero Academia Chapter 310 Discussion

One For All, the seemingly strongest quirk in BNHA has a lot of history associated with it. Over the last few chapters, we’ve learned many things related to this quirk. The latest chapter of My Hero Academia has revealed very crucial information about One For All.

We now know the true origins of One For All and how it was manifested. Read below as we discuss the latest finding of My Hero Academia and the origins of One For All.

Izuku Midoriya is Current Wielder of OFA

What is One For All?

One For All is one of the strongest quirks in the universe of My Hero Academia. Currently, in the possession of protagonist Deku, it had pretty strong wielders in the past. Unlike other quirks, OFA has the ability to be passed down to various generations. In the series Deku acquired the quirk from All Might and from onwards he is working to further strengthen it.

All Might was Previous Owner of OFA

What are the Origins of One For All?                           

Yoichi, the first wielder of One For All revealed the origins of the quirk in My Hero Academia chapter 310. In an interaction with previous users of OFA, he explained the history of it. We find out that Yoichi awakened OFA when 2nd and 3rd users of the quirk saved him from his brother. This totally reconstructs the information we have obtained so far regarding OFA.

Deku’s quirk isn’t strongest by default. Sure user has to practice countless years and has to go through gruesome development but its main source of power is different. To manifest OFA to the fullest potential, it is the will of the user that plays a vital role. Yoichi awakened the quirk because of the will of the 2nd and 3rd users to save him and the same principle applies to Deku.

Yoichi Reveals Origins of OFA

Why Deku was the Best Candidate for One For All?

This information also confirms that Deku was the best possible user to acquire One For All from All Might. Ever since his childhood, he always had this desire to save people. Even though he didn’t possess any quirk, the feeling of helping the helpless was always there. Maybe this is what All Might saw in him and hence decided to pass on his quirk to him.

We can argue that there are other individuals who also deserve the shot at OFA. But apart from Deku, we haven’t really seen such unwavering passion when it comes to saving people. The prime example of it is way early from the series when Deku tried saving Bakugo despite being weak. Now that Deku is on his vigilante route, he will keep pushing the limits and further enhance the powers of One For All.

On Shigaraki

Deku has made his intentions pretty clear about saving Shigaraki. But there’s still some hint of disbelief among 2nd and 3rd wielder whether he can achieve it or not. They may not support Deku in this particular matter because of a similar incident that took place in the past. However, the first user firmly believes in Deku and thinks that he will certainly accomplish it.

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a manga series currently getting serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. It also has an anime adaptation currently airing and on its 5th season. The manga contains more than 300 chapters and still going strong. Anime airs each Sunday and you can stream the episodes on platforms such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.

What lies next in this vigilante path for Deku? To what extent can he manifest the power of One For All? Drop what you think down below in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to check out our social media handles and never miss any news about BNHA.

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