Omari Hardwick Recalls Denzel Washington & His Wife Holding Him Actually: They Gave Me 1,500 After My Car Was Going to Be Repoed

Omari Hardwick Recalls Denzel Washington & His Wife Taking Him In: They Gave Me $1,500 When My Car Was About To Be Repoed

Omari Hardwick also Specifics the Instant he felt as he Left it If he landed a Job on the 2004 Series’Sucker Free’ which Concentrated on White, Black, Latino, and Asian street gangs Situated in San Francisco.  

He adds the Washington family gave him cash one final time once he was needing.

“John David and I have super, super super intimate and yet to the day… So during this time I was excited to return to them with this information, you understand that’Sucker Free’ was a thing which was likely to create it where I did not have to borrow cash from them and that I never did. But they gave me $1,500 whenever the automobile was going to be repoed.”