Olympian John Carlos Rips Trump, He Is’Made Nothing But Split’

Olympian John Carlos Rips Trump, He's 'Created Nothing But Divide'
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John Carlos — the Olympian who Beautifully raised his fist in the’68 Games — Will Be Talking out against President Trump … saying he Is bad for America and Must go.

“You have made nothing but split and dissent and anger and hatred from the American taxpayer,” Carlos stated on”TMZ Live” Friday — that appears to be the 52nd anniversary of the famed Olympic second.

The former track star says he is disgusted with Trump’s own attacks against Kamala Harris along with other girls… and so is asking voters to grow up and do anything about that!

“I’d only applaud everyone and anyone with the right to vote for out and vote”

“Get the vote because it is the most crucial time in history”

The 75-year old has come out with a string of COVID masks which include his legendary clenched fist and also the phrases,”We’re One” within the flag.

Carlos says that he left the masks for two reasons — to continue to keep people secure. And two, to deliver a powerful message regarding the part of Black folks in the us.

“We’re discovering the American flag. We’re saying that’Hey we did not ask to visit America. We had been brought here against our will. We’ve got important history in the us in relation to creating this country and we are here to allow you to know that we aren’t leaving America. We’ll be here during America’s end”

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