Olivia Newton-John’s Update on John Travolta Following Kelly Preston’s Death, Plus: Her Cancer Research Foundation

Olivia Newton-John’s Update on John Travolta After Kelly Preston’s Death, Plus: Her Cancer Research Foundation

Lady Olivia Newton-John, 72, Understands what it’s like to live with stage 4 breast cancer.

The”Grease” superstar was initially diagnosed with the disorder at 1992. “Extra’s” Renee Bargh talked with Olivia, that opened about the recent passing of co-star John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston, her beloved friend.

Of Preston, who dropped her key struggle with breast cancer three weeks before, Olivia explained,”It is dreadful for your family members and she is a gorgeous, luminous, beautiful soul”

As to how John is doing,” Newton-John explained,”it is a very personal and personal time for him personally, and I only encourage him and he understands that, but it is, you know, just how great can anyone be in this moment? So I am only sending my prayers and love… He’s a superb family and amazing support system”

“Losing numerous buddies as I have within the last couple of decades, it is really only reinforced my resolve to get this done and begin this base,” she discussed her Olivia Newton-John Foundation, which is financing cutting off cancer study and focusing on rebuilding wellness through plant medication. “Been through 28 decades of being a cancer survivor, so I have had surgery and radiation and chemotherapy, and that I wished to make kinder remedies for individuals going through cancer”

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At the past few decades, Olivia was diagnosed with three occasions. When Renee asked when the symptoms had been different every moment, Olivia replied,”You know, it is rather hard to compare 28 years back as it was only breast feeding… I really could feel the bulge. The next time I needed to really go by pain… but I am doing well today. I feel good.”

In addition to crediting kinder remedies and using cannabis for her revived wellness, Olivia cites her vegetarian diet as a significant assistance! The celebrity singer due to her diet,”I am actually enjoying it. My kid and my loved ones are vegetarian”

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