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oliver tree controversy

Oliver Tree Nickell is an American singer-songwriter and filmmaker who was born on June 29, 1993. Tree signed to Atlantic Records in 2017 after his song “When I’m Down” went viral, and his debut studio album Ugly Is Beautiful was released in 2020. The tree was born in Santa Cruz, California. In 2021, he had more popularity with his song “Life Goes On.” On February 18, 2022, he released his second studio album, Cowboy Tears.

The singer of ‘Life Goes On’ purportedly posted an image on his official YouTube community tab in 2019 to promote his ‘Goodbye Farewell Tour.’ The image was quickly identified as a shot from the funeral of SHINee member Jonghyun, who passed away in 2017, with Tree photoshopped in place of the late K-pop idol. The post was quickly taken down, according to reports.

However, archived screenshots of Tree’s 2019 post began resurfacing online over the last week, eliciting a barrage of criticism from followers, who began to hashtag “#apology Olivertree” on social media. One fan added, “I don’t understand how someone could be so inconsiderate.” “A proper apology is required.”

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Why Did Oliver Tree Utilise a Photograph of Jonghyun’s Funeral?

oliver tree controversy

Oliver Tree retouched Jonghyun’s funeral photo and replaced the star’s face with his own. To advertise his Goodbye Farewell Tour, he uploaded this on his official YouTube channel’s community area.

He asked people to use the hashtag #Oliverisoverparty to post their favourite photos of him. He offered to share his song and music video if the hashtag became popular. It was also said that the celebrity made the move on purpose in order to stir up controversy and earn popularity among K-Pop fans.

The tree eventually took down the aforementioned post after getting a barrage of negative feedback from fans. However, it was later uncovered that he did not, in fact, apologise for the incident, much to the dismay of many. He didn’t make a statement about the incident until afterwards.

Following the unsettling news, a number of netizens have gone to social media and community venues to express their displeasure with the situation. Others have flooded the comments section with public criticisms of the “Life Goes On” singer, as well as demands that he apologise for his rude behaviour toward the SHINee member.

The Following Are Some of The Fan Comments:

“This came from a TikTok performer of a popular song. I’m in such a bad mood simply reading this.”

“It appears he is attempting to acquire momentum among K-Pop fans.”

“Who the f**k laughs at someone else’s funeral photograph?” Is he completely insane? “This isn’t a stock photo.”

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“Why Is He Exploiting Someone’s Suffering to Amuse His Audience?

oliver tree controversy

” This isn’t supposed to be a meme. I’m hoping he’ll just ignore Jonghyun.”

“There was no purpose of anything nasty,” Oliver explained, “simply a lack of research that resulted in a really silly mistake.” We put it up since I was working on a death-themed album and tour. When I was in middle school, my cousin died. While he was braindead in the hospital, I went to say my goodbyes.”

“Once again, I’m sorry to anyone who has been wounded by that mistake,” Oliver Tree added, “but please understand that it was not deliberate.” I’m offering my heartfelt condolences to Jonghyun’s family and friends.”

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