Old Henry Ending Explained – What Was Henry’s Fate?

Directed by Potsy Ponciroli, Old Henry is an American western drama thriller distributed by Shout! Studios. It stars Tim Blake Nelson in the lead role, portraying the titular character. Meanwhile, Scott Haze and Gavin Lewis play the supporting roles.

Taking place in western America, Old Henry tells a story of a retired outlaw and his escape to isolation to raise his son Wyatt the right way. However, his past follows him back and he has to deal with severe circumstances.

Old Henry featured some crispy moments that put viewers on the edge of their seats. Here is Old Henry’s ending explained as we break down its last moments.

Old Henry Ending Explained – What Was Henry’s Fate?
Old Henry Ending Explained – What Was Henry’s Fate?

Old Henry Plot

Henry is a former outlaw who now owns a farm in Oklahoma and goes about his everyday life. He has his son Wyatt with him who helps him in work. One day, an injured man named Curry pays a visit to their farm in the hopes of stay.

Henry decides to take him in and treats his wound. After some time, Sam Ketchum, a robber arrives at the farm in the uniform of Sheriff and asks Henry if he has seen Curry. However, Henry dismisses the notion. Ketchum smells something and decides to come back later.

Wyatt pays attention to Henry’s maneuver and tries to pry into his past. He finds a newspaper stating something about his father. However, before he moves any more forward, the farm gets attacked by Ketchum and his minions.

Henry’s Real Identity

Curry and Henry have some heart-to-heart conversation. Curry states that he has seen Henry somewhere. He tells a story from the distant past where he saw an outlaw Billy the Kid get killed in front of him by a Sheriff.

As he describes the scene, Curry used to work at Fort Sumner where his boss Peter Maxwell tipped off Sheriff Gerret about the appearance of Billy the Kid. One day, upon Peter’s call, Garrett visited the inn at the same time as Billy.

The only thing he could remember was he heard a bullet and Gerret carried a body with him. Henry then reveals that Billy the Kid was him and he didn’t die that day. He has left the life of an outlaw and decided to live by the farm.

Old Henry Ending Explained – What Was Henry’s Fate?
Old Henry Ending Explained – What Was Henry’s Fate?

Old Henry Ending Explained – What Was Henry’s Fate?

As Ketchum infiltrated the farm, Henry had no other option but to take on a firearm and protect his son against the outlaws. He chased all of them and shot them. Lastly, he finished off Curry by taking him into the woods.

Just when he thought everything was over, Curry reveals his true identity. He is a Sheriff who was colluding with Ketchum before they betrayed him. His goal is to take down Henry as he injures the former outlaw.

Wyatt arrives at the right time to shoot down Curry but it’s too late to protect his father. Henry reveals his true identity to his son and asks him to live his life with honor and pride. With his dying words putting advice to his son, Henry takes his last breath.

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