Obama Rips Trump For Refusing To Congratulate President-Elect Biden

Obama Rips Trump For Refusing To Congratulate President-Elect Biden
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Barack Obama is Awarding the Country That He congratulated Donald Trump when he won the election… a Hinting That the President’s Refusal to Expand Joe Biden.

The president torn Trump for failing to admit Biden because president-elect with as far as a congratulatory telephone call in an interview with”CBS This Morning,” telling Gayle King Trump is damaging our democracy together with the way he is eschewing what has traditionally been a calm — and how cordial — move of energy.

Obama remembered election night 2016, stating he remained up till the wee hours of this morning to call Trump and congratulate the president-elect. Obama says that he had been performing exactly what presidents do, as George W. Bush graciously failed during Obama’s historical 2008 achievement.

Trump’s refusal to concede and phone up president-elect Biden is obviously not sitting well with Obama.

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Because you understand… Obama formerly reviewed Trump along with the GOP for ongoing to make baseless claims of election fraud at a meeting with”60 Minutes,” telling Scott Pelley it threatens the Nation.

Obama points outside Biden and 2016 Trump will probably wind up with exactly the identical number of Electoral College votes, even 306, nevertheless states half of the nation likely will not take that into consideration should they maintain consuming conservative websites… that Obama says gifts voter fraud allegations in fact.

Bottom line. ) Obama describes why Republicans can not stop Biden and Kamala Harris from being ensured in.

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