Obama Rips Republicans For Humoring Trump Using Phony Election Fraud Claims

Obama Rips Republicans For Humoring Trump with Phony Election Fraud Claims
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Barack Obama is ripping Donald Trump along with Republicans for Ongoing to make baseless Promises of a Deceptive election… he says it Is a Really slippery slope.

The president broke his conclusion Trump’s unfounded claims of voter fraud at an interview with”60 Minutes,” telling Scott Pelley he is troubled by the great number of Republicans moving together with Trump’s statements and humoring him.

Obama says Republicans are not just attempting to delegitimize president-elect Joe Biden along with his incoming government, but also politics generally.

What is more, Obama states what Trump and the GOP do is putting America to”a dangerous course.”

Since you understand, Trump is not able to concede the election… and Obama shares what he believes is supporting Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Biden won.

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