Nupur Sharma Controversy: Case Against Maharashtra Man for Supporting Ex-Bjp Leader

nupur sharma controversy

After Nupur Sharma’s now-suspended BJP spokesperson made anti-Muslim remarks, the BJP’s central and state leaders have ordered their party representatives to desist from making public statements on sensitive or controversial topics and instead focus on themes of economic growth.

The State of Madhya Pradesh

nupur sharma controversy

According to a Madhya Pradesh BJP top official who asked to remain anonymous, “Our central party leadership has now clearly directed all to stick to developmental themes. That’s why we are striving to win the trust of all parts of society by fighting for “sabka saath, sabka vika and sabka Vishwas,” the BJP leader said. Our Indian Muslims aren’t some strange newcomers; they’re an integral part of our culture; their forefathers were once Hindus, too.

Saffron party’s victory in the recent UP Assembly elections was due to its “developmental and welfare initiatives, whether it was Ujjwala or Aawas Yojna,” he remarked, referring to the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Muslim women are also loyal to the BJP. So why should someone go out of their way to offend any community’s religious feelings?”

It’s hurting our efforts to have people exploiting the Nupur Sharma issue,” another party leader remarked. They are aware of the multinational plot that has been prepared by some groups that we may not have known about. As a result, all parties have been instructed to desist from making any additional comments on the Nupur incident in order to avoid escalating the situation. Instead, we should put our efforts into improving our software.

“The party’s attitude is very clear, which is to focus on the needs of the country,” said MP BJP president VD Sharma. It is in the interest of our country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to create a work environment where the focus is solely on development and there is zero-tolerance for corruption.”

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Sharma Asserted that The Bjp Has No Animus Toward Muslims or Any Other Group.

nupur sharma controversy

“The BJP is the party responsible for enacting the triple talaq legislation. As a result, we have received enormous support from Muslim women. There were several Muslims in my RSS group when I was there, and we would all stand together and shout “Bharat Mata ki Jai” together. We are all Indians, and we must always put the country first. Through our development policies, we have always worked to improve the lives of our citizens. The way forward is in this direction.”

Many in the party, however, believe that the leadership may have “missed” Nupur’s statement. “What Nupur said was in the heat of the moment, when we go for televised debates, people from both sides partake in such conversations,” a party spokesperson, who requested anonymity, said.

The person sitting on the opposing side will constantly try to provoke you during a debate, but as a spokesperson, one has to be cautious of that.,” remarked another Bhopal party spokeswoman. “The spokespersons should always be temperate and moderate.”

“It has been explicitly advised to all within our ranks that divisive politics is not our agenda and that spokespersons and other leaders should desist from partaking in communal discourse, which is not our agenda and damages us,” senior state BJP leaders said in a statement.

According to Hitesh Bajpai, state BJP spokesman: “Nupur Sharma and following developments are being dealt with by the senior party and government personnel.” As a result, we should refrain from engaging in unproductive community discussions and debates. Performance-centric development challenges should be the priority instead.”

Similarly, another spokesman Neha Bagga remarked, “We appreciate and value all religions.”

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nupur sharma controversy

The Karnataka BJP has decided not to comment on the Nupur dispute. “No BJP spokesperson in Karnataka will participate in any debates on this matter,” BJP officials claimed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the whole Indian government have expressed their displeasure with the BJP’s spokespersons’ crude, amateurish, and reckless remarks (Nupur and expelled Delhi media head, Naveen Jindal). The Indian government has already taken steps to mitigate the effects of the earthquake. Religious symbols and leaders should not be denigrated. There was no consensus amongst the BJP’s leaders on what to do with them, and so they were dismissed, according to a BJP leader. “We don’t want to focus on the problem; instead, we want to avoid it. According to a member of the state BJP’s communication cell, “It has been determined that we should not comment about it…

Upstate New York

nupur sharma controversy

Over the Nupur affair, neither the federal nor state BJP leadership issued any formal instructions to the UP BJP’s rank and file. However, as racial tensions flared,

As a result of recent events in Kanpur, the party requested that state leaders and spokespersons refrain from commenting on them. The party asked them verbally to remain non-committal and silent on the Nupur row.

Political and religious personalities from various political parties and sects, according to certain UP BJP leaders, often make “stronger statements on other faiths than Nupur.” Inevitably, it will happen. When Nupur made the comment, it was “blown out of proportion to generate controversy and undermine the government,” said one of the BJP’s top leaders.

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