Numi Face Reveal: Why She Hides Her Face!

numi face reveal

Akuma Nihmune (Numi) is a demonic human girl vlogger who was expelled from hell for being “too gentle.” She’s a Twitch partner who also uses YouTube and TikTok to share her content with the world. Numi has released 8 singles, 2 extended plays, and 2 full-length albums as a musician.

The Reason She Won’t Show Her Face

Following the recent trend of proving that every vlogger is stunningly attractive, we now know that this is true. The majority of vloggers, though certainly not all, are quite gorgeous people who are simply too modest to show their faces on camera.

numi face reveal

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She is stunning, and I’m happy for her that Lily and her other VTuber pals encouraged her to finally put her face out there.

Vtuber Numi Akuma Nihmune, an independent English Virtual YouTuber, made her debut on the platform on May 8, 2017. She posts videos on Tiktok and YouTube and broadcasts on Twitch. Two extended plays (EPs) and an album’s worth of her original songs have been released, and she regularly performs them live.

Her videos have been seen over 220 million times on YouTube, and she has over 310k subscribers.

Numi says she is 7 feet and 13 inches tall, a seiso demon switch, and that she rules with an iron fist. Even yet, it’s not uncommon for the topic of conversation to shift to criticisms of her attractiveness, diminutive stature, and degeneracy. She has a contagious giggle, is super sweet, and radiates joy whenever she goes live.

Her behaviors reveal a dichotomy between severe depravity and wholesomeness. She likes chatting with her chat because of the positive reactions she gets when she talks about the incredible things that have happened to her in real life. Since Numi suffers from ADHD, she is continuously changing the subject during the show.

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