North Korea’shot South Korean officer and burnt his own body’

North Korea ‘shot South Korean official and burned his body’

North Korean soldiers shot dead a suspected Southern Korean defector in sea and then burnt his body for a coronavirus precaution after he had been interrogated from the water over a few hours, Seoul army officers said Thursday.

it’s the very first killing of a Southern taxpayer by North Korean forces for decades, also includes Pyongyang at elevated alert within the pandemic and also inter-Korean connections in a standstill.

The fisheries official vanished out of a patrol vessel close to the western boundary island Yeonpyeong on Monday, a South Korean army officer told AFP.

Over 24 hours after, North Korean forces found him into their oceans and challenged him by a patrol ship, he explained, along with his interrogator sporting protective gear.

He had been murdered around six months later being discovered, according to the official.

“He had been shot dead in the water,” he explained. “North Korean soldiers poured oil on the body and burnt it at the water.

“We evaluate it had been completed beneath the North’s anti-coronavirus step,” he added.

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As stated by the ministry, the folks who burnt the entire body wore gas masks and protective garments.

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media_cameraNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un has become the subject of rumours concerning his health recently. Picture:” KCNA

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There was no immediate comment from Pyongyang about the episode and it wasn’t possible to independently confirm the South Korean army’s account.

Pyongyang has shut its borders and announced a crisis to attempt and safeguard itself from the virus that emerged in neighbouring China.

The guy was wearing a lifejacket and his sneakers were discovered on board the Korean ship, the officer stated — signs indicating that he entered the water willingly.

“We’ve got intelligence he had voiced his intention to flaw being contested,” he further added.

He declined to go into detail about the origin of the info. Nevertheless, the South Korean army is proven to intercept radio communications from the North’s drives.

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The killing happened following an”arrangement from superior authority”,” Yonhap cited South Korean officials .

Seoul’s defence ministry condemned the shooting as a”outrageous act”. “We sternly warn North Korea that responsibilities for this episode lie onto this,” it said in an announcement.

South Korean press reports said the guy was in his forties with two kids, however, had recently experienced and had fiscal issues.

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media_cameraKim Jong-un at September scrutinizing a field where flood restoration efforts are already underway. Picture: KCNA


The isolated North — whose crumbling health program could struggle to deal with a significant virus epidemic — hasn’t confirmed one case of this disease which has swept the entire world.

Pyongyang shut its boundary with China from January to attempt to stop contamination, also in July state press said it had increased its state of crisis to the highest degree.

Exactly the same month, North Korean officials set the border town of Kaesong under lockdown after a defector who’d fled into the South three decades back sneaked back across the heavily fortified border, amid worries he might have completed the coronavirus.

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US Forces Korea commander Robert Abrams stated earlier this month that North Korean government had issued shoot-to-kill requests to protect against the coronavirus going into the nation from China, making a”buffer zone” in the boundary.

This week’s episode is the first period in 10 decades which North Korean forces have murdered a Southerner.

Back in November 2010, Pyongyang’s army bombarded Yeonpyeong island close to the week’s episode — murdering two civilians and 2 marines.

It arrived after a torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine dropped South Korea’s Cheonan warship, murdering 46 seamen, even though Pyongyang denies accountability.

In 2008, a North Korean soldier gunned down an female South Korean tourist that walked right into a forbidden place in the North’s Mount Kumgang resort, prompting Seoul to suspend the money-spinning visits. )

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